Where did Revlon Streetwear go? (India!)

For those of us who fondly remember Revlon Streetwear (a line of cosmetics and nail polish, now discontinued in the U.S. You may occasionally find a piece here and there in a Dollar Tree if you’re lucky): It turns out the line is still around… in India. These nail polishes were approximately $10 each.
Revlon Streetwear display, India

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7 Responses to “Where did Revlon Streetwear go? (India!)”

  • lexi920 says:

    Wow – i haven’t heard that phrase since the 90′s! I am really feeling my age with this post!

  • priya says:

    I remember seeing some of this stuff in India.,I wonder if they are getting discontinued altogether?

  • Kathy says:

    I remember these. The whole line was pretty good, if very grunge-inspired. They had some nice, sheer lipsticks, too, in Shu-like packaging, right?

  • Micki says:

    I don’t see any of the crazy beautiful shades that we all loved them for though.

  • Shannon says:

    OMG I remember when I was a kid, my FAVE perfume was Juicy by Revlon Street Wear… I want it now! Oh the good ol days

  • Erica Connor says:

    What was the name of the army green colored nail polish from the Streetwear collection? That color was the best!!! I wish that they would re-create that line again!

  • EsteeDarla says:

    I found almost all the great products get yanked off the shelf in usa with no way of knowing, but usally are found in other country s thank god but u have to look hard sometimes when geting them mailed cuz ship coast can be more than the order.

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