A Taste of Illamasqua

Illamasqua is a makeup line from England, and I first heard about it from the youtube vloggers. Its very limited availability in the U.S. makes it seem more “underground” than it is, but the line is huge. Like MAC, their product offering covers essentially every available category; like Make Up For Ever, Illamasqua is known for intense pigment, the artistry (or costume) of cosmetics, and a penchant for creating products which may not always be office-ready.

In addition to the brand’s extensive permanent product offering, they produce seasonal collections — Spring/Summer 2010 is Body Electrics. Illamasqua still isn’t in stores in Dallas yet, but I think they heard my wailing on Twitter and very graciously volunteered to send me a few products to swatch-and-release.

I know it’s a small swatching taste (and I want to see their blushes as much as anyone), but I’ll definitely be investigating further when the line comes to me (or I go to England). If there are any willing guest swatchers out there, I will be eternally grateful, and my door (inbox?) is always open.

Body Electrics includes a 4-Color Liquid Metal Palette (Enrapture/Surge/Solstice/Phenomena), nail polishes in Force, JoMina, and Prism, bronzers in Burnish and Writhe, False lashes #25, “Gleam Cream” in Flex, Illumine Oil in Volt and Pulse, a Kabuki Body Brush, and Liquid Metal in Surge.
Illamasqua, Body Electric, swatches, Writhe, Burnish
The two bronzers are both quite shimmery. Writhe is rosier; Burnish is more copper/orange. The two bronzers aren’t on Sephora’s U.S. site, but they’re listed on Illamasqua’s at £20 each.
Illamasqua, swatches, Phenomena, Liquid Metal, Static
Liquid Metal is fascinating. It’s a dense, potted… cream? You couldn’t just push your fingers through it; it’s as solid as a stick of butter. But it actually feels wet. Swirl your finger or brush to pick up some product, then apply for a shimmer, highlight, or to maybe to add a metallic finish on top of other color elsewhere.

I couldn’t help playing with it: layered, you’d look like the tin man; blend it out and you’ll get New Year’s Eve-ready silver sparkles. Phenomena the single is $26 on Sephora’s U.S. site (the non-silvery colors are $24). It’s £17 on Illamasqua’s site, and the liquid metal quad is $42.50/£29.50.

Static is one of Illamasqua’s loose pigments (and I think it came out in Dystopia, Autumn/Winter 2009). It’s ultra-fine lilac-and-blue glitter. Unlike most MAC pigments, it’s just glitter — no base.  I swatched it first dry, then on moisturizer as a base. Static is £15/$24.

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3 Responses to “A Taste of Illamasqua”

  • Laura says:

    Those bronzers look great even for fair skin!

  • Meri says:

    waiting for your swatch for the powder blush :)

  • Missy says:

    Sephora may not have the full compact of bronzer, but the duos are on the site…I got mine a few months ago and adore it. I got the Glint/Writhe duo, because for my fair skin, Burnish is just too bronze. I don’t know if you’ve had the chance to actually wear the bronzer, but it goes on really nicely, and doesn’t look shimmery on the cheeks at all…I’ve used the Writhe side of my duo as a contour color with no problems, and Glint makes a great highlight.
    Love the site, and thanks for all the fabulous swatching you do!

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