Dior Addict Ultra Gloss

I learned last weekend that Dior has reformulated its Dior Addict Ultra Glosses, and that the new shades fall into three categories: Glow, Pearl, and Flash. I got a chance to swatch the 18 new shades, and all in all, I was impressed. The glosses had a pleasant, jelly feeling on my arm, and the shades were more refined than I was expecting. Dior Addict Ultra Glosses have brush wands, and are $26.50 each.
Dior, Addict, Ultra Gloss, Glow, swatches, 216, Lace Beige, 236, Satin Peach, 247, Pink Flirt, 256, Negligee Pink, 262, Pink SIlk, 652, Mischievous Rosewood
Indoors, the Glow glosses look like they’re creme finish, but subtle details reveal themselves in sunlight. 216 Lace Beige is a slightly pearlescent shell pink with silver pearl. 236 Satin Peach is a warm peach with tiny gold sparkles. 247 Pink Flirt is a creme pale warm pink. 256 Negligee Pink is blush pink. 262 Pink Silk is translucent, pearlescent pale pink. 652 Mischievous Rosewood is a rose-mauve creme.
Dior, Addict, Ultra Gloss, swatches, Pearl, 157, Twin Set Pink, 227, Beige Tweed, 257, Pink Trench, 436, Apricot Cloche, 556, Coral Fantasy, 576, Sari Pink
When I heard Dior was making “pearl” gloss, I was expecting something frosty/”high pearl” like MAC’s Explicit, Prrr, or Dreamy. The Dior Pearl glosses are much more delicate. 157 Twin Set Pink is warm, blush pink with tiny, dense, gold sparkles. 227 Beige Tweed is brown pink with pink and gold sparkles. 257 Pink Trench is pale, sheer, light/white pink with pink and gold multicolored sparkles. 436 Apricot Cloche is peach-pink with gold multicolored sparkles. Cloche means bell-shaped, and the shade name probably refers to the cloche hats that were popular in the 1920s. 556 Coral Fantasy is bright coral pink with gold sparkles — though it has fewer sparkles than some of the other shades. 576 Sari Pink is bright pink with silver pearl.
Dior, Addict, Ultra Gloss, Flash, swatches, 662, Extravagant Grenadine, 686, Outrageous Fuchsia, 756, Evening Rose, Bordeaux Cocktail, 856, Little Red Dress, 886, Mauve Accent, 982, Black Tie Plum
At this time, the boldest shades are in the Flash category. The Flash glosses are sparkly — with sparkles larger than the tiny ones in Pearl. A Dior makeup artist likened them to YSL’s Golden Glosses, but I’m not sure they’re quite that sparkly. 662 Extravagant Grenadine is warm pink (like strawberry candy) with pink and gold sparkles. 686 Outrageous Fuchsia is violet-pink with silver, blue, and purple sparkles. It’s common for Dior products to be named in both French and English, and usually the two names are translations of one another. 756 is the exception: called Evening Rose in English, and Bordeaux Cocktail… in French? Just in case you run into either name. The shade is “wined” mauve rose with blue, pink, and gold sparkles. 856 Little Red Dress is cherry red, with fewer sparkles than some of the other shades (and those sparkles are pink and gold). 886 Mauve Accent is purple-pink with silver and pink sparkles. It’s brighter and bluer than Outrageous Fuchsia. 982 Black Tie Plum is blackberry jam with burgundy sparkles.

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10 Responses to “Dior Addict Ultra Gloss”

  • Estelle says:

    ooooooooooo I’ve been wondering about these for MONTHS now…thank you sooo much for swatching them. No one does glosses like Dior! *planning my order right now*

  • Pandora says:


    Thank you for these particular swatches, honey!!! :-D

    Memo to self: must. get. lipgloss. #247.and.#256. asap.

  • Catherine says:

    Apricot Cloche is soooo pretty! Thanks for the explanation of the name. I’ve been trying to figure that out for a while now, LOL!

  • these are stunning! They are all sparkling under the sun. :)

  • babicsek says:

    wow,black tie plum looks stunning,I think I have to take a closer look at it:D

  • Ann says:

    I love the color of Mischievous Rosewood!
    How does the feel of these glosses on the lips and the moisturizing levels compare to Dior’s Creme de Glosses (which I love)?

  • santi! says:

    these are really pretty… i’m not sure i’m 100% in love though, and for $26.50 i’d better be completely taken!

  • aksaiyo says:

    ooooh! I didn’t the old formula so much, but now I’ll have to try it again :P
    652 Mischievous Rosewood looks like my type of color xD
    How does it smell? Just like the old ultra glosses?

  • Miss_M says:

    I bought #256 Negligee Pink this weekend, a lovely light pink shade from the Glow category. The gloss is non sticky and feels like a balm on my lips. My lips are supersoft for hours and the staying power is pretty good too!

    This certainly will not be my last Addict Ultra-Gloss :)

  • nat says:

    really useful
    brilliant to show the colors clearly!

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