Dior Summer Quints

I didn’t get to swatch all of Dior’s summer collection (Addicted to Dior) this past weekend, but the quints were so cool, I thought it was worth it to get those swatches out there until I could get the rest done.

There are two summer eyeshadow quints — both new, both “iridescent” (which you know because the last digit of their product numbers are 9), and I think they’re both limited edition. Both contain an awesome purple shade, which I was pretty sure everyone would love.  Oh, and they’re each $58.

649 Ready-to-Glow includes a steely blue-charcoal, an icy grey-violet, a lustrous, lovely cool brown, a very cool pale pink (almost lilac; it reminds me of Make Up For Ever’s HD Blush #13. The shade is ever so slightly more purple than the shade in Crush Glow), and peach.  659 Crush Glow contains a yellow rose-gold, peony pink, peach pink, a redder, blacker iced violet, and a warm (red) brown. Every shade is shimmery, and the shadows are smooth and pigmented as a dream.
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As for the rest of the collection, there’s a new eyeshadow single, number 546 Gold Touch. I haven’t seen the tester yet, but the artist at the counter said it was the gold version of single eyeshadow 006 Crystal White.

There’s also that new “jelly” lipgloss formula, the Lip Polish. These are apparently permanent, and have a new kind of “roller” applicator — it’s like a doe’s foot wand, but the doe’s foot spins like a paint roller. I was pondering the logic of this design, and I remembered something someone once said in regards to the brush vs. doe’s foot discussion. She said she preferred brushes because they didn’t disturb the lipstick as much (when you were doing a gloss-lipstick combination) — perhaps the roller works in a similar way.

Not part of the summer collection, but Dior’s Addict Ultra Glosses have all been reformulated (and packaged in a slightly bigger tube). Now the 18 shades fall into three groups: Glow (wet shine, no glitter), Pearl (pearl, or shimmer/frost), and Flash (glitter). Also not part of the summer collection (but interesting): there are three new Serum de Rouge shades: 660 Garnet, 850 Red, and 860 Violet. Definitely looking forward to swatching those.

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13 Responses to “Dior Summer Quints”

  • Eileen says:

    As the weather warms up, I find myself reaching for the Crush Glow palette more and more often. Crush Glow on the eyes, BB’s Calypso Coral on the cheeks, Rouge Coco in Egerie on the lips and I’m ready for vacation!

    Dior has been on a major reformulation campaign lately and the new eye shadows and glosses are excellent: long wearing, color rich, beautiful, smooth texture.

  • 659 Crush Glow is definitely more of the summer look. but both are really pretty judging from your swaches. however, they aren’t outstanding in terms of how they are put together. For those on a budget and still wish to try texture of Dior IR Quints, you may want to give Physicians Formula Shimmery Strips a try. I find those have very similar texture and colour combinations too. I own many IR to know so! :P

  • Blair says:

    Thanks for the swatches! I love cool toned shadows, and Ready to Glow is definitely entering my lemming list :)

  • Ondina says:

    I’m loving the Crush Glow Quint, especially the Bronze and pink shades. The bottom left shade is going on very muddy though, not purplish like the swatch. :(

  • Ann says:

    Ready-to-Glow looks fantastic … new lemming.

  • Chrissie says:

    Hey Karla, I own both of these but I can never get them to go on as pigmented as your swatches are. What’s your trick? Do you use a primer on your arm first? It’s especially hard to get the 4th shade from the Crush Glow palette to show up with its gorgeous nuanced colour – which was the main reason that I bought this. Any tips would help, thanks!
    p.s. I’m fairly pale so I doubt that that is the issue…

  • KarlaSugar says:

    Hey Chrissie — I almost never use a primer, and these were swatched on a bare arm.

    Have you tried a tinted primer? Something like UDPP in Eden or Sin, or a MAC Paint Pot?

    Part of the difference may also be that I can swatch more firmly, or layer more, on my arm than you would want to on your eyelid.

  • Steelnpurple says:

    Just stunning..!

  • Chrissie says:

    Hey Karla! I do use primers, but I tend to shy away from tinted ones only because I don’t want to alter the colour of the eyeshadow – it’s a very unique colour so I like to emphasize that. I guess I just need to layer alot more on.

  • I NEED Crush Glow!!

  • Chau says:

    anybody know where I can get Crush Glow? It took me too long to decide and now it’s gone everywhere. Thanks!!

  • I’m addicted to Dior summer collection!

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