Lancome Summer 2010: Bronze Riviera

Lancome, display, summer 2010, Bronze RivieraI got the chance to check out Lancome’s summer collection this past weekend, and I’m pleased to say I really liked what I saw.

I made fun of the name of the Pink. Party. Pretty. palette the first time I heard it, but it’s a lovely palette (especially for pink lovers). First of all, the six eyeshadow pans are all the size of Lancome’s regular full size eyeshadow singles (quads usually have smaller pans). The texture is smooth and lovely, and the pigmentation is excellent. The palette includes a satin-finish (very gently shimmery) pale pink; a satin-finish rose pink; a frosty pink/gold duochrome; a shimmery copper-sand; a satin-finish warm, wood brown; and a stunning very cool brown (or warm grey) with orange sparkles. The palette is $45 and limited edition.

There are also two double-ended waterproof Le Crayon Kohls in the collection ($28 each, limited edition). Sassy in Sunrise gives you a dark brown paired with the same rose/gold duochrome from the eyeshadow palette. Sultry in Sunset is black at one end, and metallic copper at the other. The texture on these is also fantastic.
Lancome, summer, 2010, Bronze Riviera, swatches, Pink Party Pretty, Sassy in Sunrise, Sutry in Sunset
The summer collection introduces four limited edition shades of a new kind of Juicy Tube, made entirely from natural ingredients. Juicy Tubes 100% Natural Origin feel less sticky than the original Juicy Tubes, and they smell… more natural. As if the scent comes from a natural ingredient, like honey or something. These are $18 each.

Pink Precious is essentially clear. Blushing Beauty is barely pink. Sheerfully Sweet is a sheer peach/cantaloupe. Rose Pretty is a sheer pink.

There are also three limited edition Color Design lipsticks ($22): Summer Nude (a shimmery red-brown-peach), Sweetly Pink (a shimmery cool pink), and Pink Splash (a bright cool pink).

The two Le Lipstique lip pencils are both repromotes from the permanent line, but if you’ve never tried a Lancome lip pencil, you really should. I love how soft and smooth the formula is; it applies really easily. They are $23 each (probably because they have a brush on the back end).
Lancome, summer, 2010, Bronze Riviera, swatches, Juicy Tubes 100% Natural Origin, Pink Precious, Blushing Beauty, Sheerfully Sweet, Rose Pretty, Summer Nude, Sweetly Pink, Pink Splash
There are three loose powder blushes in the summer collection. Ageless Minerale Blush is a new addition to the permanent line (and we’ll probably start seeing more colors soon). The blushes come in sifter jars, are fragrance-free, oil-free, and talc-free — and they’re supposed to wear for 6 hours. They’re $29.50 each, and because they’re loose, it’s easy to swatch them lightly or heavily. (I did both. Below: first lightly swatched, then heavily.)
Lancome, summer, 2010, Bronze Riviera, Ageless Minerale Blush, swatches, Luminous Rose, Sparkling Sand, Brilliant Berry, Tropiques Minerale Bamboo Bronzer
Luminous Rose is cool pink and not sparkly. Sparkling Sand is a sparkly, warm, peach brown. Brilliant Berry is a sparkly ruddy berry (but it’s much more red than berry; I really liked it).

There’s also a GIANT (dinner-plate-sized) limited edition bronzer: Tropiques Minerale Bamboo Bronzer, $45. This one just doesn’t get that dark, even in a heavy swatch (which is totally okay by me). If you can actually finish one of these in your lifetime… I applaud you.
Lancome, summer, 2010, Bronze Riviera, Ageless Minerale Blush, swatches, Luminous Rose, Sparkling Sand, Brilliant Berry, Tropiques Minerale Bamboo Bronzer

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  • priya says:

    o my! im loving the lipliner!

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