MAC Nudes

It occurred to me that there might not be too many swatches out there of MAC’s most recent Pro line expansion: the Nudes collection.

Nudes repromotes a few items, and introduces a few new ones — everything swatched here is now a part of the permanent collection. If you don’t live near one of the nine Pro stores in the U.S., you can always order a pro item by calling 1-800-387-6707 (but you’ll have to pay shipping).

Pale and Dim are both repromoted items. Lip Erase is exactly what it sounds like: concealer for your lips. It’s a shine-free, flesh toned balm designed to cover natural lip color. These are $18 each.
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The Chromagraphic Pencils ($14.50) first appeared in Pret-a-Papier. The world at large got to try NC15/NW20 and NC25/NW30 — these two shades plus NC42/NW35 will be permanently available at Pro.

Chromagraphic Pencils are creamy, multi-use pencils. The nude shades can be used on the waterline (for brightening the eyes), above and below the brows, around the mouth (but not on the lips), or anywhere on the face that perfecting is needed. MAC also created another 10 brightly colored (and eponymously named) shades, which I haven’t swatched yet.

Then the pigments ($19.50). Naked, a somewhat sparkly beige pink, has been around forever. In a move I’m very happy to see, MAC just rolled out Naked Dark and Naked Deep Dark (both less sparkly than Naked).

MAC artists always start their eyeshadow with the application of a “base color,” a color that’s close to your natural skintone, into which they blend everything else. These two new pigments do create additional options for ladies of darker skintone, but they’re such lovely neutrals that lighter skinned ladies could use them too.

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One Response to “MAC Nudes”

  • Mariana says:

    Thanks for the swatches! I’m going to have to visit my local pro store soon, these pigments definitely are intriguing. Perhaps good for contouring?

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