MAC Superglass

The nail polish community has created a term for large, irregularly shaped glitter (like tiny pieces of foil, or gold leaf suspended in polish): flakies. And that’s the perfect way to think of MAC’s new Superglass lip gloss: it has flakies.

The gloss felt stickier on my arm than other MAC glosses — probably necessary to suspend the larger glitter. The gloss comes in Dazzleglass-sized hexagonal tubes, which are $18 each.
MAC, Superglass, swatches, Sugar Overload, Superflash!, Sweet Tart, Disco Blend, Gift Wrap, Cherry Electric, Totally Bang!, Fab Frenzy, Tunnel of Love
Sugar Overload is opalescent clear. Superflash! is sheer pink; Sweet Tart is sheerer pink. Disco Blend is sheer orange. Gift Wrap is sheer coral pink. Cherry Electric is violet pink. Totally Bang! is deeper violet pink. Fab Frenzy is sheer purple.  Tunnel of Love is sheer brown-purple.

In all shades the flakies are firey orange-silver.

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4 Responses to “MAC Superglass”

  • Anitacska says:

    I especially like Totally Bang! Do you know if these are permanent or LE? Thx.

  • KarlaSugar says:

    Definitely limited edition.

  • Tiffany says:

    I ordered Gift Wrap. Going by the swatches, it looks like that was a good move. I have quite a few glosses in that color family but nothing sparkly like these. I’m considering getting Sugar Overload as well.

  • knownever says:

    Despite the fact that everyone on the blogs seems to be freaking out about how big the glitter chunks in these are, they don’t look that glittery on. Although I guess I’m a real glitter fiend who actual owns lipsticks that are just dry glitter sticks without any color base. lol

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