NARS Pure Sheer SPF Lip Treatment

NARS, Pure Sheer SPF Lip TreatmentWith all the “skinny lipsticks” coming to market right now, it might be easy to confuse them for one another (or lump them all together). Yesterday we looked at Bobbi Brown’s new Lip Shines — moisturizing lipsticks. With NARS’ new Pure Sheer SPF Lip Treatment, I think the emphasis is on the word “treatment.” The shades are extremely sheer, more balm-like than lipstick-like.

Bianca is a clear shine. Lara is barely pink. Greta is barely mauve. Aurore is the sheerest imaginable peach-pink. Paloma is sheer coral (but visible, at least); Angelique is sheer strawberry.
NARS, Pure Sheer SPF Lip Treatment, Bianca, Lara, Greta, Aurore, Paloma, Angelique, swatches
Pure Sheer SPF Lip Treatment contains wild mango butter, vitamin E, cloudberries (the most adorably named fruit of all time, also called polar berries), acai oil, and SPF 15. They are $25 each.

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6 Responses to “NARS Pure Sheer SPF Lip Treatment”

  • Sofia says:

    Did you like the texture of these better than the Bobbi Brown or vice versa?

  • Lea says:

    Karla, I echo Sofia’s question–do you like these better than the BB ones? I see they are very different, with BB’s being far more pigmented. Do you think, having been able to touch and see these in person, that they are worth the $25 and give beautiful, sheer color? Or, are they TOO sheer, giving really no color at all? Thanks for swatching both! Have been waiting to see both lines and compare…thinking I may be disappointed with NARS. ???


  • Nastka says:

    I’ve seen them in person, and yep, they barely show up. But I don’t think ot’s neccessarily bad, as you can pretty much apply them without lugging around a mirror.

  • Mariah says:

    Ahaha “polar berries”!! (polar bearys?) Anyway, wow, these are more sheer than I thought they’d be. Too bad. I can’t ever seem to get myself to buy expensive things that aren’t pigmented.

  • KarlaSugar says:

    Sofia and Lea, I didn’t get the chance to try these on my lips. But I do think Bianca – Aurore are so sheer as to be almost invisible. I’m more willing to give Paloma and Angelique a chance.

  • MJ says:

    The only colors to show up at all on me are,Paloma, & Angelique. When you awatched them on your arm did you go over them several times ? Angelique isn’t nearly as dark on my lips,(which are pale)as it looks on yor arm. Overall, way too pricy for a glorified Lip-Balm, Vincent Longo’s Baby Balm beats the heck out of them–more product, less money!

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