NARS Summer 2010

NARS, summer, 2010, promoI was so happy I got to swatch NARS summer this past weekend, particularly because many of these items have been walking the red carpets for months and I’ve been dying to know what they looked like on their own.

As usual, not every item swatched here is new. NARS tends to mix new products with relevant items from their permanent collections in their seasonal releases. But the new items should be considered “long” limited edition — they’ll be around for a few months, but not necessarily forever.

Burn It Blue is a new cream eyeshadow duo: iridescent lagoon blue coupled with bright cream turquoise ($32). Cleo is a repromote, a permanent powder duo of Cinderella’s dress, ice-blue shimmer and smoky slate blue with green sparkles (also $32).

Night Sun is a sparkly, greenish pale yellow (powder shadow; $23). It has some really large chunks of glitter, but those blew away. Cayenne is a cream eyeshadow, a new cool brown shade (absolutely gorgeous in my opinion), $22.

There are two lipglosses ($24). Striptease is a repromote, but browned-cherry Coup de Coeur is new. And Versailles nail polish ($16) is new. It’s a very pale cool gold frost, but lacks the green tint that you see in Night Sun eyeshadow.
NARS, summer, 2010, Burn It Blue, Cleo, Night Sun, Cayenne, Striptease, Coup de Coeur, Versailles, swatches
I decided I would swatch the multiple and two blushes two ways, first lightly, then heavily. I swiped Love Devotion lipstick, and the swatch was so sheer I automatically started layering it to show you the color of it. I regretted that as soon as I’d done it: I should have done the lipsticks first lightly then heavily as well (since I was going to be taking two pictures anyway).

Love Devotion is a beautiful sheer coral-strawberry (guava), but it is very sheer. It is heavily layered in the pictures below. By contrast, Morocco (a repromote) is much more pigmented, a sunbaked coral that looks like it would match Coup de Coeur gloss quite nicely. NARS lipsticks are $24.
NARS, Summer, 2010, swatches, Enchanted, Taos, Lamu, Love Devotion, Morocco
Enchanted cream blush is new, a very sparkly, beigey peach pink (the sparkles are gold). Lamu multiple is also new, a very sparkly, bronzey, sunburned peach (the sparkles are gold). Taos is a repromote of a permanent powder blush. It’s a lovely raspberry with gold sparkles, but by comparison with Enchanted and Lamu, its sparkles are quite small. Enchanted (and all cream blushes) are $26; Taos (and all powder blushes) are also now $26; Lamu (and all multiples) are $38.

One last piece of trivia: multiples are called multiples because you can use them anywhere — cheeks, lips, eyes, body.
NARS, summer, 2010, swatches, Enchanted, Taos, Lamu, Love Devotion, Morocco

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3 Responses to “NARS Summer 2010”

  • Helle says:

    Oh wow, great swatches!

    Any idea what she’s wearing on her cheeks?
    It looks amazing :P

  • gina says:

    oh, thank you SO much for swatching these! I’ve been wondering about the coup de coeur gloss for a while now!

  • KarlaSugar says:

    Helle: I have the breakdown of the promo look here:

    On her cheeks she’s wearing Orgasm Illuminator, Enchanted cream blush, and Orgasm powder blush.

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