Bobbi Brown Blush Recap

Now that all of Bobbi’s blushes are swatched, I’ve collected them into one convenient recap. At this time, all of Bobbi’s blushes are $22 (and the Pot Rouges can be used on lips or cheeks, which is why they’re sometimes swatched two different ways).

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Powder blush, part 1
Powder blush, part 2
Powder blush, part 3
Shimmer blush
Sheer Color Cheek Tints
Pot Rouges, part 1
Pot Rouges, part 2
Pot Rouges, part 3

Bobbi Brown, blush, swatches, Sand Pink, Tawny, Rose
Bobbi Brown, blush, swatches, Almond, Plum, Apricot, Soft Pink
Bobbi Brown, blush, swatches, Pale Pink, Blushed, Nectar, Spice, Sandstone, Brown Berry
Bobbi Brown, blush, swatches, Desert Rose, Peony, Slopes, Desert Pink, Poppy, Cranberry
Bobbi Brown, Shimmer Blush, swatches, Pink Sugar, Washed Rose, Coral, Flame
Bobbi Brown, Shimmer Blush, swatches, Bahama Brown, Pink Coral, Plum Wine
Bobbi Brown, Sheer Color Cheek Tints, swatches, Sheer Raspberry, Sheer Lilac, Sheer Mauve, Sheer Coral, Sheer Blackberry, Sheer Pink
Bobbi Brown, Pot Rouge, swatches, Summer Tan, Calypso Coral, Blushed Rose, Velvet Plum, Milk Chocolate, Powder Pink
Bobbi Brown, Pot Rouge, swatches, Chocolate Cherry, Pink Truffle, Stonewashed Pink, Pink Raspberry, Raspberry
Bobbi Brown, Color Strips, Aquamarine Palette, Ivory, Lightning, Aquamarine, Grey Sky, Gray Sky, Storm, Sand Pink, Pale Pink, Powder Pink, Pot Rouge, swatches
Bobbi Brown, Color Strips, Bonfire Palette, Pot Rouge, swatches, Bone, Cafe Cream, Bonfire, Cognac, Caviar, Tawny, Fresh Melon, Calypso Coral
Bobbi Brown, Color Strips, Pot Rouges, swatches, Sand Pink, Pale Pink, Powder Pink, Tawny, Fresh Melon, Calypso Coral
Bobbi Brown, Cabo Coral, Calypso Coral, Cabana Coral, Pot Rouge, swatches

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3 Responses to “Bobbi Brown Blush Recap”

  • Amina says:

    thank you so much for posting these swatches. I own a lot of them and was tempted to write a review for you but I guess I’ll be repeating myself by saying that I love them

  • KarlaSugar says:

    I still want to read your reviews, Amina! Especially because someone closer to your skintone may be wondering how a shade will look on them. :)

  • Amina says:

    I’d be happy to do so.
    Do you suggest any format?
    I can also take pictures that way your readers can see the color payoff

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