Bobbi Brown Powder Blush, part 2

Today I have for you the second “arm” of Bobbi Brown’s fantastic selection of permanent powder blushes. This swatching project was my first exposure to Bobbi’s powder blushes, and I was both surprised and delighted. This week’s shades are almost all matte, and the range of colors is beautiful. Bobbi’s blushes are $22 each, and can be easily arranged in custom palettes.

Honestly, the only reservation I have about these is that I look at some of the shade names, and then look at the swatches and think “really?”
Bobbi Brown, blush, swatches, Pale Pink, Blushed, Nectar, Spice, Sandstone, Brown Berry
Pale Pink is a very cool bright pink. Blushed is a warm rosy color, and it has a few sparkles (the only non-shimmer blush to have any sparkle at all).  Nectar is warm pink — warmer than Apricot, which is more pink. Spice is red-brown. Sandstone is a beautiful neutral brown. Brown Berry is more red than Sandstone; a rosier brown.

I was talking to former Bobbi Brown artist pixichik77 about blush philosophy and these blushes in particular. And I thought her perspective might be useful to you:

Lots of brands recommend topping a neutral blush with a “pop” of a brighter shade right on the apples of the cheeks. I’m not sure about now, but Bobbi used to really push this idea. Pale Pink, Apricot, Peony, and Nectar are all great “pop” colors — I used to wear Tawny with Apricot on top when I first started working for the line.

Tried these? Love them? Hate them?
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3 Responses to “Bobbi Brown Powder Blush, part 2”

  • novelist says:

    Bobbi’s names for her products often are misnomers. That’s why your arm is so precious! Even then, a trip to the makeup counter for confirmation is wise. But the shades and quality are marvelous.

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