Bobbi Brown Powder Blush, part 3

Today’s post concludes Bobbi Brown’s current line of “regular” powder blushes.  Next week I’ll show you the shimmer blushes and bundle everything together into a handy roundup post.

I’m not saying I’ve saved the best shades for last, but there are definitely some gorgeous (and famous!) ones here.
Bobbi Brown, blush, swatches, Desert Rose, Peony, Slopes, Desert Pink, Poppy, Cranberry
Desert Rose is a dusty, slightly mauvey beige-pink. Peony is bright and cool. Ahh, Slopes, your reputation precedes you.  What a lovely, warm, peachy pink you are.  Desert Pink is guava pink and also gorgeous.  Poppy (the third shade on the recently discontinued list) is red.  Cranberry is browned, clay red.

Bobbi Brown’s blushes are $22 each.  They come in compacts, but the pans easily pop out to be placed in Bobbi’s customizable palettes.

But as LeVar Burton used to say, you don’t have to take my word for it.
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5 Responses to “Bobbi Brown Powder Blush, part 3”

  • Monica says:

    Sadly, BB is the only line that I own no blushes from. But now I really want a few! Your so bad Karla on my wallet;)

  • Willow says:

    Poppy is one of my all time favs!!! Too bad it’s being discontinued. Just perfect if applied lightly for that wintry snow white rosy cheek. And with a little dab of cranberry lipstick, you look like you’ve just come come in from the slopes. :)

  • Tiffany says:

    hi karla, by any chance, what is the difference between bb’s desert rose and mac’s desert rose? same name, same colour? or otherwise?

  • Carolina says:

    I tried poppy yesterday and loved it, I know it looks ridiculously red but for some reason it looks great on my skin! – does someone know a blush that looks similar to BB’s poppy?

  • Giada says:

    Hi! Is there a Mac dupe for for BB Peony blush? Thanks

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