Bobbi Brown Shimmer Blush

Last week we looked at Bobbi Brown’s line of regular pressed powder blushes; today we’ll complete the collection with her Shimmer Blushes.

I’m happy to report that Bobbi’s “shimmer” blushes are not over-the-top sparkly. I thought the colors were beautiful and really wearable.
Bobbi Brown, Shimmer Blush, swatches, Pink Sugar, Washed Rose, Coral, Flame
Pink Sugar is a pale warm pink with gold sparkle. I thought very fair girls would love this one. Washed Rose is a peachy rose with silver sparkles — the most sparkly of this group.  Coral is a soft coral-pink with gold sparkles. Flame is red with gold sparkles.
Bobbi Brown, Shimmer Blush, swatches, Bahama Brown, Pink Coral, Plum Wine
Bahama Brown (not to be confused with Bahama the illuminating bronzer) is a warm brown with more sheen than sparkle. Pink Coral is Coral’s pinker sister (gold sparkle, of course).  Plum Wine is a wine with silver sparkle.

Bobbi Brown blushes are $22 each.

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3 Responses to “Bobbi Brown Shimmer Blush”

  • I love these blushes. I have Bahama brown and pink coral/nectar which I use together. BB to contour and nectar to define the apples of the cheeks. This combo looks fab on olive and medium skinned peeps. Love your write up!

  • novelist says:

    Thanks for the swatches. I’ve been eyeing the plum wine for a while for fall and wondering if it’s cool enough for me. With the silver sparkle it oughta work.

  • Ela says:

    Hi!Pink Sugar can be Nars Orgasm dupe or it’s lighter than Orgasm?

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