Dior Hydralife Pro-Youth (a Hydraction Update)

Dior, Hydra Life, Pro Youth, Sorbet CreamFor about two years, I’ve been in love with Dior Hydraction Sorbet Creme, my night moisturizer. Click here to read my original review of it; I still agree with every word.

Hydraction Sorbet Creme is like Advil: it’s just fantastically effective.  Overnight, my slightly dry cheeks become hydrated and soft.  And $35 always seemed surprisingly inexpensive for prestige skincare.

When I heard that Dior had overhauled its Hydraction line — and that the price of my moisturizer had gone up to $56 — my first reaction was to grumble.  But Dior also increased the size of the jar (from 1 oz to 1.7 oz), so the price-per-ounce is actually lower.

The other worry — when a company changes a formula — is that the new one won’t be as good. So far, I’m happy to report that the new cream is just as effective. I can breathe a sigh of relief.

The revamped line is called Hydralife Pro-Youth. Basically the new formula incorporates plant extracts that encourage the production of two proteins in your skin (Aquaporin 3 and Aquaporin 9), which promote hydration.  The long-term goal is to delay the signs of aging.  I haven’t noticed these effects yet, but I’ll let you know if that changes with continued use.

Random fact: Did you know Dior has its own gardens, worldwide, which provide the plants that go into its skincare?  Sustainable beauty!

The new Hydralife Sorbet Cream jar is honestly a thing of beauty. It’s made of very heavy plastic, and looks like it belongs in a museum. The only downside is that the jar is not particularly travel-friendly.

Several new products were introduced with the relaunch of this line, so here’s the full listing of available products:

Hydralife Pro-Youth Energizing Serum
Enriched with D-Ribose, a plant sugar that helps supply energy to the cells and allows skin to resist the effects of stress and fatigue. $73

Hydralife Pro-Youth Comfort Crème
This nourishing cream instantly nourishes and restores dehydrated skin. Perfect for use during cold seasons and as a night cream. $56

Hydralife Pro-Youth Sorbet Crème
An ultra-fine, melt-away cream that creates balanced, lightweight hydration for normal-to-combination skin. $56

Hydralife Pro-Youth Protective Crème SPF 15
This moisturizer acts as a defense shield against environmental stress thanks to its UVA and UVB filters. The skin’s density is heightened. $56

Hydralife Pro-Youth Protective Fluid SPF 15
This lightweight lotion features a fresh, melt-away texture. It acts like a defense shield against environmental stress thanks to its UVA and UVB filters and increases the skin’s density. $56

Hydralife Pro-Youth Eye Crème
This formula reduces the factors responsible for puffiness and visibly lightens dark circles with a combination of Centella and Haloxyl. $49

Hydralife Pro-Youth Mask
This rich cream emulsion instantly infuses the skin with moisture, creating a soft and supple effect. Features shea butter and emollient oils to deeply nourish and hydrate. Leave on for five to ten minutes, then massage to blend in excess product or wipe off with a damp cotton pad. $39 (Not available at Sephora)

Hydralife Pro-Youth Skin Tint #1, #2, #3 (Sephora Exclusive)
Creates a luminous, “healthy glow” effect with ultra-fine pigments and reflecting micro-pearl particles. SPF protection defends against UV rays. $39

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7 Responses to “Dior Hydralife Pro-Youth (a Hydraction Update)”

  • Anna says:

    I’ve tried the skin tint. Love the smell, texture, feel on my skin (ie, it doesn’t break me out, or get too dry or greasy in bad places). However I am so disappointed in the shade selection. It’s typical to have 3 shades, i suppose for some tinted moisturizers but the lightest one is way too dark (I’m probably about a shade darker than you). I hope they come up with more shades if the line is a hit. Great price too!

  • lexi920 says:

    The skin tint is my favorite. Have you tried the Chanel Hydramax Active line? I am just wondering how that compares. I love that line but it’s so damn expensive. I can justify paying $56 for cream and even $73 for the serum!

  • Tina says:

    I’m always on the hunt for fabulous moisturizers to quench my curazee dry skin. This Dior line sounds very promising. I think I will give it a go when I finish my Chanel moisturizers. As Lexi pointed out, Chanel is quite pricey. If Dior works as well, I may switch. Which leads me to…

    Lexi – So far I am loving the Chanel Hydramax Active line. I went to the Chanel counter last winter desperate for relief of my extremely dry skin. The woman who helped me introduced me to the Hydramax line and also the Beaute Initial. Because the Hydramax didn’t have SPF, she suggested I use the Beaute Initial during the day, since it has SPF 15, and the Hydramax at night. She also gave me an extremely generous amount of sample serum packets for both lines that could potentially get her fired. This combo worked WONDERS. Within mere days, my skin was so soft and moisture restored. I still continue my regimen for fear my skin will dry out again. I really feel it was the Hydramax that did the majority of the replenishing because sometimes in the morning I would be too lazy to take the little spatula, disinfect it with alcohol, scoop out some cream, and apply. Most mornings I would just use the L’Oreal moisturizer I had that is easily and speedily dispensed via a pump. However, I was very religious with the Hydramax at night. It didn’t break me out, it feels so smooth and soft, not greasy whatsoever, and it has that fresh scent that is the signature Chanel scent. And like I said, it transformed my winter skin and is continuing to do good for my summer skin.

    Hm, should prolly write a review in the “Interact” section, lol. Hope that helps!

  • KarlaSugar says:

    Yes, you should write a review, Tina! :) That was very helpful — thank you!

  • lexi920 says:

    Thanks Tina – that’s the kind of comparison I was hoping for. I have been living on Hydramax samples too for quite some time. I am so thankful that the folks at the Chanel counter at my local Nordstrom know me and are quite generous with their skincare samples – well all samples in general! I am going to Sephora tonight and see if I can get samples of the Dior moisturizer/serum and hope that I can get the same, if not better, moisturizing results as I do with the Hydramax gel cream/serum combination. I will be purchasing the Dior Skin tint for my upcoming trip to SoCal.

  • cecilia says:

    Thx for such a detailed observaion. I love the Hydra action eye cream, and went to Sephora the other day and was told that Hydra Life had taken its place. I bought it but I’ve been hesitant to open it fearing it was not as good as the Action….Reading your blog makes it easier to open that new jar…

  • Mia says:

    What’s the sustainable part about it? They can have their own gardens and still managing them with a good bunch of herbicides, pesticides and synthetic fertilizers that do absolutely nothing good to the earth. And still they won’t give me the kind of super-fresh, pure and natural skincare that I like, like Tata Harper, who actually has its own farms, organic, by the way.

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