I Love Saks

Saks Fifth AvenueSome of you have already heard this story on Facebook/Twitter, but I really wanted to share it on the blog.

You already know I couldn’t do what I do without the incredible assistance, patience, and support of my sales associates and makeup artists. They let me swatch at their counters; they’re the ones who give me the scoop on new products.

Well I recently had a “first” at Saks. I was there swatching, and one of the sales associates made a point of introducing me to the department manager, who said, “we think what you’re doing is great, and we want you to know you’re welcome here.” Wow. It was the first time I’d received such a warm welcome at the manager level.

The next time I was there swatching, something even MORE remarkable happened.

Saks is pre-selling Tom Ford’s new lipsticks (this is a Neiman Marcus town; Saks doesn’t yet have testers or product).

I happened to notice as a sales associate greeted a longtime customer, told her about the lipsticks, then walked her over to a computer console, where he pulled up my swatches to show her the shades!  The customer placed her pre-sale order on the spot!

What a vote of confidence from that sales person!  And I was amazed at how progressive his sales tactics were.

Basically a few sales associates in that store know about my blog, and on a totally grassroots level, decided they were going to use them to help customers make their shopping decisions.  That’s pretty much everything I hope my blog to achieve. It totally made my day.

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16 Responses to “I Love Saks”

  • kirsty says:

    This is an amazing story! It’s so nice to hear that they support you on your swatching madness and are using your blog to help customers make informed decisions. If only more stores could be as progressive!

    Congratulations, you must be so proud :)

  • Rae says:

    Karla, that is AWESOME! Congratulations my dear :)

  • soaper1 says:

    Congratulations! That is awesome. As you know, I never go makeup shopping without consulting you and your blog first. The recognition is very much deserved!

  • aksaiyo says:

    Wow! What a wonderful story! What you’re doing is really awesome and it’s great to hear that the stores themselves are supporting what you do, especially after that Lipstick Queen incident.

  • Andrea says:

    This is really awesome. Congratulations. Your blog is THE swatches reference just about everywhere (I am from Brazil, a NW20 just like you and I am so glad I can check the colors at your blog)
    As for the sales associate, I wish we had some just as good and creative as this one who used your blog as reference. I know a couple that would just say “we have no testers” and turn their back on you.

  • kia says:

    you’re a rock star! i’m glad someone realized your worth. now ask them to refer you to corporate ;)

  • kia says:

    well, of course your loyal readers know your worth, so i should restate that to say we are glad the companies are noticing too!

  • Liliana says:

    I am very happy for you, good work deserves recognition, and you do amazing work on your blog. Congratulations!

  • chibu74 says:

    You rock girl!! congratulations….your efforts are worthy of appreciation and fame…good going

  • *jen says:

    Congrats, Karla. That’s a real compliment and you 100% deserve it!


  • I just wanted to say that I think Saks is doing the right thing by using your website! Your swatches are so helpful to me and I can get a true view of what the colours look like. You should be proud of yourself, I don’t even know you and I’m proud of you! (I hope that doesn’t seem weird!) So keep up the amazing work!

  • Leslieal says:

    Well, this makes me think a little better of Saks. Their NYC store has less-than-fabulous (read: SUPER pushy and fake) salespeople and a truly craptastic return policy. I am really glad to hear that your store is treating you well, Karla. You do a great job and should be appreciated!


  • Gisele says:

    Congratulations, Karla, on getting the respect you deserve. When I heard about the Lipstick Queen episode, my first thought was, “But you are doing them a favor and the consumer a service!” Saks knows business, and so do you, and we all benefit greatly from your savvy swatches.

  • Fellow Saks Beauty Consultant says:

    Your Tom Ford lipstick swatches (which were email blasted by our lovely department manager whom you met) really saved my life when my clients came looking for something, which as you mentioned, we didn’t have testers or product for. I have seen a couple of the lipsticks after they have ordered and the colours show really true. THANK YOU so much!

  • smeegl9 says:

    Thats all because you are the BOMB.COM!!!
    It’s cool to do something that you love. Even better if you start raking in some big bucks for it! ENJOY LIFE!

  • tara says:

    It’s about time these sales ppl got with the program! I mean what is the point of fighting technology? Blogging is the best! They should be embracing it and you – like Saks did here, not trying to sabotage it. Yay!

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