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MAC, Digipops, promoNordstrom’s anniversary is right around the corner (er, five weeks away), which means almost every beauty brand will have special items or special sets, sold exclusively at Nordstrom.

MAC is releasing a collection called Digi-Pops. It includes a few different components: (1) Dazzle lipstick, a sparkly new formula, (2) Dazzleglass lip glosses, (3) two different brush sets, (4) and quad eyeshadow palettes and eyeshadow pans. The pans and palettes have historically been pro items; now for a limited time you can build your own custom palette at Nordstrom. Luckily for us, Nordstrom is in pre-sale, which means they have testers in crazy-early. If you buy during pre-sale, they can ship your order of $25 or more for free.

MAC is also selling three different “Looks in Boxes” this year — combo sets of blush, beauty powder, eyeshadow, lipgloss, and mascara. Swatches of those are coming up tomorrow.
MAC, Digi-Pops, Digipops, swatches, Dazzle lipstick, Smash Hit, Infused with Glam, Wham, Glaringly Hip, Sweet Bits, Hot Sass, Win-win, Win Win, Naughty You, Troublemaker, Snazzy, Hellraiser, Baby's On Fire
The Dazzle lipsticks are like Frosts on steroids. They are seriously sparkly, with a finish that almost looks like lamé (click here to revisit another laméfinish; Zoya’s Sparkle nail polish collection). The Dazzle lipsticks are limited edition, $14 each, and I’m missing one shade: Liquid Lurex.  My Nordstrom just didn’t have the tester yet. [UPDATE: Here's a swatch of Liquid Lurex.]

Smash Hit is almost clear, with pink and silver glitter. Infused with Glam is an orangey-brown with pink and orange sparkles. Wham is a browned-brick-red with pink and orange sparkles. Glaringly Hip is a whitened peach with pink sparkles. Sweet Bits is a pale blue-lilac with pink sparkles. Hot Sass is bright orange with pink sparkles. Win-win is a purpled pink with pink sparkles. Naughty You is hot pink with pink sparkles; Troublemaker is slightly more purple by comparison. Snazzy is red-grape with pink sparkles. Hellraiser is violet with blue and gold sparkles. Baby’s On Fire is very saturated strawberry with red sparkles.
MAC, Digi-Pops, Digipops, swatches, Dazzle lipstick, Baby's On Fire
I tried on Baby’s On Fire (arguably the least sparkly of the group). The tube felt a bit gritty to my lips, but, once applied, the product didn’t feel gritty at all.

A very tolerant friend agreed to model Glaringly Hip.
MAC, Digi-Pops, Digipops, swatches, Dazzle lipstick, Glaringly Hip
This collection also includes several Dazzleglass lipglosses. Some are new shades, some are repromotes; all are $18 and limited edition. My counter didn’t yet have testers for Glamour OD or You Got the Look (but I couldn’t be mad when we’re still so far from the release date).
MAC, Digi-Pops, Digipops, swatches, Dazzleglass, Spanking Rich, Boys Go Crazy, Fabulous Fun, Hi-Falutin, Utterly Posh
The brush sets are $49.50 each. They come in a bi-fold brush case which ties with a ribbon (the ribbon is secured to the back of the case). The brush case also has two pockets with a flap closure; the pockets are big enough to accommodate a quad palette, but it’s a tight fit (illustrated in the third picture).

Apply + Blend (4 Face Brushes) includes the 168 SE (angled blush), 187 SE (large skunk), 190 SE (foundation), and 194 SE (concealer).

Define + Line (5 Eye Brushes) includes the 212 SE (tightlining, a.k.a. flat eyeliner), 219 SE (pencil brush), 227 SE (large shadow laydown), 266 SE (angled liner), and 275 SE (angled eyeshadow).
MAC, Digi-Pops, Digipops, Brush Sets
MAC, Digi-Pops, Digipops, Brush Sets
MAC, Digi-Pops, Digipops, Brush Sets
And finally, the palettes and eyeshadow pans. This collection introduces the redesigned 4-pan palettes hinted at in the Spring Forecast collection. The palettes ($5) have a magnetic closure, and when they’re empty, you can also lift the whole insert out, for a magnetized “free form” palette. I think I heard that these inserts are also going to fit into larger eyeshadow palettes so you can mix and match? Confirmation on that rumor is pending.
MAC, Digi-Pops, Digipops, palette
MAC, Digi-Pops, Digipops, palette
MAC, Digi-Pops, Digipops, palette
I’d swatched most of the shades that will be available in pan form (links at the very end of the post), but there were six shades I’d missed, so here those are:
MAC, Digi-Pops, Digipops, swatches, Red Brick, Goldenrod, Sunny Spot, Lucky Green, Winkle, Atlantic Blue
Atlantic Blue and Goldenrod are particularly chalky. Winkle is not as pigmented as it looks in a layered swatch.

Here’s the full list of shades available with Digi-Pops. The pans are $11 each.

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11 Responses to “MAC Digi-Pops”

  • Gisele says:

    Oooh, sparkle and vivid colors! I think I’ll pass but I do have 2 Mineralize shadows selected from the “In the Groove” collection (July??).

  • KellyK. says:

    Omg! I am so excited about nordy’s anniversary sale! Thanks for the sneak peek!

  • Anitacska says:

    Ooh, I’m really looking forward to the dazzle lipsticks and new dazzleglosses. I like pretty sparkly things. :)

  • Jan says:

    I read ‘pan’ as ‘pallete’ and squealed at thinking they were having quads for $11. Silly me. I wish!!!

    Not really liking this collection though. :\

  • sindy says:

    i love that Falutin dazzleglass.

  • Laura says:

    Pretty! thank you for the swatches. I’m going to use your counter to pre-order 4 of the lippies :-)

  • Jocelyn says:

    Hey Karla. Are those new lipsticks going to be avaliable in Canada as we don’t have a nordstrom here? Thanks!

  • KarlaSugar says:

    Jocelyn — Yes! Canadians will be able to buy at The Bay.

    Laura — thank you!

  • shaimaa says:

    Wow the eyeshadow amazing and having them like live in haven ,summer colour
    i never try mac and iam dieing to do :)
    They look amazing wondering how they will look on your eyes

  • vange says:

    hey karla!:)
    I live in the Philippines and I have an aunt coming from the US(vegas) in July15.
    Do you think she’ll be able to get the “Glaringly Hip” lipstick before she leaves?:)
    or if not,is there a lipstick/lipgloss shade really similar to glaringly hip?:)

  • Maricar says:

    hey great post :)
    i have been having trouble removing the eyeshadows from the new quad, i filled it up and no i can’t get them out because there is no little lip/wedge area like the old quads. I asked a mac artist online and they said to just pat the back and let the eyeshadow fall out, but i am worried that i might crack it or something.. any ideas?

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