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At last! MAC’s In the Groove collection (releasing July 8th) has been a hotly anticipated summer release — not least because it sees the repromote of some of MAC’s most beloved Mineralize Skinfinish powders (MSFs).

MSFs are baked face powders, most often used as highlighters (but sometimes blush or bronzer, depending on the shade, your skintone, and the level of sparkle).

By Candlelight and Comfort first appeared in last winter’s Warm & Cozy collection. By Candlelight was almost universally adored by the fair- and medium-skinned; Comfort was beloved by the medium- and darker-toned. Petticoat has come out a few times (always limited edition); most recently in October 2008 (in a collection called Sheer Minerals). I believe Stereo Rose came out in July 2005, in a collection called Gold Play. Since then, the shade receded into MAC legend — usually spoken of in reverent tones, and almost impossible to find. Experts report that the new Stereo Rose is not the same color as the original; I hope to have side-by-side swatches for you this week.

The MSFs are $28 each, and I did light and heavy swatches (attempting to simulate both what the shade might look like on your cheek, and show a really good representation of the color).
MAC, In the Groove, swatches, Mineralize Skinfinish, MSF, By Candlelight, Stereo Rose, Petticoat, Comfort, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
MAC, In the Groove, swatches, Mineralize Skinfinish, MSF, By Candlelight, Stereo Rose, Petticoat, Comfort, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
In the Groove also has five new Mineralize Blush Duos ($23). These compacts feature two shades, side-by-side in the pan. In the past I’ve swatched the two shades of blush duos separately, then swirled to demonstrate the combined color. But this time I wondered, “does anyone really use their blushes that way? One color at a time?” So I just did light and heavy “combined” swatches. Do you want to see the individual shades? Let me know.

While all of the blushes have some sparkle, I didn’t think they were terribly sparkly for Mineralize formula blushes. Also: New Vibe has gold sparkle, making it the only one to have sparkles in a different color from the blush itself.
MAC, In the Groove, swatches, Mineralize Blush Duo, Happy Together, A Little Bit of Sunshine, Hang Loose, Band of Roses, New Vibe, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
MAC, In the Groove, swatches, Mineralize Blush Duo, Happy Together, A Little Bit of Sunshine, Hang Loose, Band of Roses, New Vibe, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
There are also nine new Mineralize Eyeshadow Trios, and they are unlike any other Mineralize shadows I’ve swatched. The two outer shades are satin finish; the center is gently shimmery (most mineralize shadows are quite frosty). As usual, these were swatched on a dry arm, without a base, so perhaps you could coax even more vibrant color out of them?

The trios are $19.50 each.
MAC, In the Groove, swatches, Mineralize Eyeshadow, MES, Love to Love, In the Groove, Making It Easy, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
MAC, In the Groove, swatches, Mineralize Eyeshadow, MES, Togetherness, Style Influencer, Soften the Mood, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
MAC, In the Groove, swatches, Mineralize Eyeshadow, MES, Fresh and Easy, Calm, Cool and Collected, Blue My Mind, Karla Sugar, KarlaSugar
And the lips. In the Groove features six Cremesheen lipsticks ($14; five new shades and Creme d’Nude, a repromote from the permanent line) and six Cremesheen Glass lipglosses ($18; all new).
MAC, In the Groove, swatches, Cremesheen, Call My Bluff, Creme d'Nude, Jazzed, All Styled Up, I Like It Like That, Go For It, You've Got It, Fashion Whim, On the Scene, Right Image, Going Casual, Chillin', KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
I had swatched the lipgloss thickly to show the color, but Cremesheen Glass isn’t as opaque as Lipglass, so I swatched them again a little lighter. And since I had space on my arm, I also swatched the three Powerpoint (non-mechanical, water-resistant) eyeliner pencils. They’re all permanent shades, all $14.50; Permaplum and Navy Stain are reflective. And I am really uncoordinated with my left hand.
MAC, In the Groove, swatches, Cremesheen Glass, You've Got It, Fashion Whim, On the Scene, Right Image, Going Casual, Chillin', Powerpoint, Stubborn Brown, Permaplum, Navy Stain, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar

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35 Responses to “MAC In the Groove”

  • Thanks a LOT, Karla!!! I thought I was going to walk away from this collection until you posted swatches of those beautiful MES trios, and now I’ll have to part with some precious money.

    Are you planning to buy anything? Also, any word on when the collection will be online?

  • No super strong contenders for me, though I have been feeling the urge lately to grab a new blush- I’ve got my eye on Hang Loose- looks like a good apple of the cheek shade for us pale gals…to much shimmer will kill it for me though- hope it comes out nice and glow-ey like it looks here! Thanks chica!

  • Amy says:

    Great swatches, Karla! A MAC employee went to update and swatched Stereo Rose and said that it is exactly the same as the first one.

  • Thank you for these swatches! I like few things but doubt I’ll get them :(

  • Scientific Housewife says:

    I have been looking for swatches to see if I really want the colors I chose so thank you for that!!

  • Jacquelyn says:

    Hey Karla! Loving your swatches as always. Also, both Fashion Whim and Right Image are going to join the permanent line.

  • Laura says:

    Amazing swatches as always, thank you!!

  • Danielle says:

    Karla, do you know if All Styled up and/or I like it Like That are anything similar to Petals and Peacocks or Girl about Town or Show Orchid? Thanks in advance!

  • Kayvid says:

    Please tell me I dont need Jazzed…

  • Jenny says:

    Man,,, I was only planning on picking up stereo rose, but after seeing all these swatches… I want some blushes and eyeshadows. big sighhhh

  • Emma says:

    Thanks for the swatches always a good help! There were 2 MES and I love the cremesheenglass!

  • Phyrra says:

    I love Silk Naturals Crinoline, which is a MAC Pettiecoat clone. Pettiecoat is really gorgeous in your swatches. I don’t know why but I think I expected more from Stereo Rose. It’s not as lovely as I thought it would be.

    Band of Roses and New Vibe are lovely. So is Togetherness.

  • Agnes says:

    I had my eye on stereo rose and petticoat, and now im seriously considering more! thanks for the swatches! I am very very curious to see these side by side swatches of stereo rose!

  • Kat says:

    Candlelight MSF has me quite excited! Thanks for these great swatches!

  • Does the Go For It (purple) l/s have glitter in it? I read in another blog that it did but I can’t tell for sure from the pic. Lovely job as always!

  • Shelly says:

    Re: Krista, I checked out the collex at my MAC counter yesterday and Go For It definitely has shimmer in it that seems duochrome-ish (blue-purple maybe?) I didn’t try it on on lips unfortunately but I’ve heard that it is sheerish. Here’s a pic if it helps?

  • Naz says:

    Fabulous swatches, as always! Thank you!

    I was getting a little excited when I saw Jazzed lipstick, but I just compared it to your picture of Ever Hip and they look exactly the same from what I can see! So that will save me a little money thankfully!

  • amiga says:

    the swatches with the left hand..that’s hilarious. thanks!

  • Jess H says:

    Thanks SO MUCH for these swatches. I originally thought I’d be eating up the MSF’s and MES’s, but to be honest, I don’t really want any of those! And I’m actually really wanting Go For It lipstick- a purple; new one for me!

    Thanks heeeeeeeeaps.

  • Thank-you Shelly for the information!

  • Sara says:

    OOooO I ADORE your site! Your swatches and everyting in general are so helpful! How do I follow you on blogger?! I would love to have regular updates and I cannot on my e-mail (work). Thanks! ♥ best wishes doll*

  • melissa says:

    Love your swatches!!stereo rose.. New vibe.. Jazzed.. Fiuuuh..
    Please swatch new vibe blush individualy.. Thx u..

  • maya pastori says:

    Thanx Karla, I love your swatches, I guess i’ll rush to a MAC counter and buy loads of stuff…

  • Ebru says:

    Thank you for the beautiful swatches Karla! You always do such a great job with them, I always check your blog for swatches before making major purchases he he :)

  • Lindsay says:

    Thanks so much i love it! but i think you should really look into doing lip swatches

  • Dee says:

    You are a lifesaver! I’m soo splurging on this collection. I’m loving Petticoat, Stereo Rose, Love to Love, and Jazzed. I really appreciate the swatches and time you put into them. Thanks!

  • Ruthless says:

    I think one of my earliest purchases was Covergirl Foundation. Much too white for my skin tone, I rocked the white teenage girl face at 14. Creamy natural FTW!! In liquid and the cream to powder compact. One good thing about CG is that the shades are the same throughout the foundations

  • Alessia says:

    Thank you SOOO much!
    your swatches are always the best!
    Perfect job Karla, thank you again =)

  • So I believe I said “no big contenders” and at this moment there’s 2 Stereo Rose MSFs along with one By Candlelight and a Hang Loose Blush. Oh, and a Partylicious from A+O…darn MAC hype! One Stereo Rose is staying home with mama…the other is a back up…maybe for me, maybe for a blog contest???

  • lexi says:

    how do you think Fashion Whim cremesheen compares to Boy Bait cremesheen?

  • abby says:

    thanx for all the swatches! :)

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