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Nordstrom’s anniversary (which happens mid-July) means exclusive beauty items, plus a lot of great value sets and gifts with purchase (GWPs). Yesterday we took a look at MAC’s Digi-Pops collection; today I have swatches of the Looks in Boxes.

Each box contains a beauty powder, a blush, a full-size gloss, full-size Zoom Fast Black Lash mascara (same as Zoom Lash, but blacker), and a mineralize eyeshadow. The kits are $59.50 each.

Once again, if you don’t have a Nordstrom counter near you (or you don’t have a counter you’re loyal to) and you want to support the counter that lets me swatch, call 214-231-3900 and ask for Katie, Catina, Shayna, or Jennifer at the MAC counter. If you buy during pre-sale (which is going on right now), they can ship your order of $25 or more for free.
MAC, Look in a Box, Frisky Girl
MAC, Look in a Box, Frisky Girl
MAC, Look in a Box, Frisky Girl
MAC, Look in a Box, Frisky Girl
Frisky Girl contains Pretty Baby beauty powder, Well Dressed blush (Satin), Mercurial mineralize eyeshadow, and Nymphette lipglass. I swatched the blush and beauty powder heavily because these are the two lightest powders of the Looks-in-Boxes.

Pretty Baby has come around before as a limited edition shade (last seen in Hello Kitty), and I like it even more this time. It looks so peachy next to Well Dressed. I can sometimes wear Beauty Powders as sheer blushes, and I’m thinking Pretty Baby might fall into that category.

Well Dressed is permanent (see swatches of all of MAC’s permanent blushes), as is Nymphette (see swatches of all of MAC’s permanent glosses).
MAC, Look in a Box, Frisky Girl, swatches, Pretty Baby, Well Dressed, Mercurial, Nymphette
Miss Violet contains Rose Beauty Powder (which I’ve never seen before), Desert Rose Blush (a permanent shade), Love Stone mineralize eyeshadow, and Lovechild lipglass (also permanent).
MAC, Look in a Box, Miss Violet
MAC, Look in a Box, Miss Violet
MAC, Look in a Box, Miss Violet
MAC, Look in a Box, Miss Violet
If I had to pick one favorite box, I think I’d choose Miss Violet, because I love the two blushes. I’d say I swatched these powders at a medium level; you could apply them more lightly or more heavily.
MAC, Look in a Box, Miss Violet, Rose, Desert Rose, Love Stone, Lovechild, swatches
Tawny One contains Refined Golden bronzing powder, Coppertone matte blush, By Jupiter mineralized eyeshadow, and Love Nectar lustreglass.
MAC, Look in a Box, Tawny One
MAC, Look in a Box, Tawny One
MAC, Look in a Box, Tawny OneMAC, Look in a Box, Tawny One
Refined Golden is a permanent item, click here to revisit my To The Beach post, where I swatched it next to Golden. Refined Golden is the darker shade, and has a few gold sparkles.

The mineralize shadows are all repromoted shades from past collections; Frisky Girl and Miss Violet happen to contain duo shadows (two shades share a pot). By Jupiter is just one color.

And it’s worth mentioning that the other two boxes contain Lipglasses (which are more opaque); Tawny One’s lipgloss is a Lustreglass, which is sheer. (Click here to compare Lipglasses to Lustreglasses.)
MAC, Look in a Box, Tawny One, swatches, Refined Golden, Coppertone, By Jupiter, Love Nectar

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14 Responses to “MAC Look in a Box”

  • Saku says:

    Wow I think 2 and 3 looks good.

  • KellyK. says:

    Thankfully none of these scream “buy me” to me… all are nice, I’m not sure, but I might pass on these…although, I always hate to miss out on these type sets… hmm hmm hmm…

  • santi! says:

    i love miss violet and frisky girl… tawny one would just make me look dirty i’m afraid. bronzers tend to do that to me. but now i’m just trying to decide on which i’d be getting since i can really only afford one.

  • steph says:

    I like the first two. Did you note the price?

  • Elizabeth says:

    will these items be available individually??

  • KarlaSugar says:

    Some items in the box are permanently available and sold individually. But each box is sold as a set.

  • The Nordstrom’s website has the eye shadows in Miss Violet and Frisky girl switched. So Mercurial goes with Miss Violet, which makes more sense anyways.

  • pansy says:

    Thank you Karla for the nice swatches! I have a question, on nordstrom’s web it says “Frisky Girl” contains Rose Beauty Powder and Desert Rose Powder Blush, while “Miss Violet” contains Pretty Baby Beauty Powder and Well Dressed Powder Blush. I’m a little confused which one is right.

  • KatWalkQT says:

    Which box do you think would look the best for an NC44-NC45? Thanks

  • KarlaSugar says:

    That is so strange… I copied the shade names off the cards included in the boxes. I wonder if I made a mistake?

  • KarlaSugar says:

    Kat, you might like Miss Violet OR Tawny One. Tough to choose…

  • Didi says:

    What look do think would look best on nc15/nw20 with green/hazel eyes. Thank you so much. :0)

  • Jocelyn says:

    Hey! I actually own Tawny one (LOVE IT… & if you use a bronzer properly- where the sun would kiss your face: think of an “O” around your face and a light streak down your nose- than there isn’t a chance of looking “dirty”.) as well as Miss Violet, which contaons Rose Beauty Powder and Desert Rose Powder Blush. I adore both of them. They are such a great deal @ $71.50 CDN. I have bought my concealer and bronzer at MAC for years now, and realized that for the price of another bronzer, I can get a whole look in a box! So, why not? Plus I love the colours. The only downfall is that you can’t switch out colours for another one you may prefer more. However, MAC sells products seperately so you can always just buy a different blush or shadow if you think it’ll kick off the look better than what is recommended inside. That’s what I did with Tawny One. I ended up purchasing “Pink Swoon” since I really like the look of really pink cheeks with bronzed skin. Anyway, the swatches are great! Thanks for putting those together.

    My suggestion for green hazel eyes (since I, myself have the same colour & very dark hair) is Tawny One with Pink Swoon as a blush. Coppertone can look nice too as an all-over powder or even shadow.

  • evie says:

    do you know if by jupiter e/s is sold individually? already have refined golden and my skin can’t tolerate mac blushes.

    thanks again for a great post :)

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