Sneak Peek: Guerlain Fall

If you’re already over the summer heat, I have some tantalizing news of Guerlain fall (my sales associate was showing me cell phone pictures behind the counter). Everything you see here should be on counter in August.
Guerlain, fall, 2010, palette, Ecrin 6 Couleurs
The biggest thing is the new eye palettes (Ecrin 6-Couleurs): the metal cases are die-cut and include a fold-out mirror.  There are five shades of eyeshadow, and a stripe of cream liner down the side (plus a dual-ended brush). I halfway wonder if these palettes will replace the eyeshadow quads and the eyeshadow-duos-with-a-cream-liner since they do seem like a combination of those.

The palettes are $84 each, and each of the eyeshadows contains moonstone. Each one is also named after a Guerlain boutique in Paris.

  • 93 Rue de Passy: pink, smoky pink, grey, and taupe
  • 10 Rue des Francs-Bourgeois: beige, golden bronze, and brown
  • 29 Rue de Sevres: taupe, light grey, and turquoise.
  • 2 Place Vendome: iridescent ivory, deep grey, intense indigo, and navy blue
  • 68 Champs-Élysees: gradations of brown, beige, intense and vibrant violet

Guerlain, fall, 2010There’s also a new gloss on the block. Kiss Kiss Essence de Gloss is a high-shine, anti-aging lipgloss containing mother-of-pearl, and vitamins A and C. It promises to smooth wrinkles and fine lines over time. It is $31 and comes in eight shades:

  • 420 Vermillon
  • 421 Grenat
  • 440 Myrrhe
  • 441 Tonka
  • 442 Cuir
  • 460 Ambre
  • 461 Baie Rose
  • 462 Violine

Guerlain fans will already be familiar with the brand’s rectangular “blush quads” (Blush 4 Eclats).  The idea behind these is that you make one horizontal sweep with your brush, then apply to your cheeks, and the lighter shades will be applied to the top of your cheekbone, while the darker shades will be beneath, to contour.

The existing shades are:

  • 01 Tendre Aurore
  • 02 Soleil Couchant
  • 03 Lueur D’Automne
  • 04 Rosée Du Printemps
  • 05 Rose Plein Vent
  • 06 Nuit D’Été

New for fall is 07 Caresse de l’Aube. All shades are $49.

There are also new shades of Kiss Kiss Gloss ($30; 823 Poppy Star, 847 Pêche Charnel, and 848 Brown Sugar. Old swatches of the existing shades here) and Rouge G de Guerlain lipstick ($46; 13 Giny, 14 Gilian, 68 Gigi, and 69 Gwen. Swatches of the existing shades here.).

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3 Responses to “Sneak Peek: Guerlain Fall”

  • Shannon says:

    goodness, the $84 price tag makes me wanna cry. D: and i really wanted one or two of the e/s palettes too. gah.

  • Suzi says:

    $84? That’s a bit much for Guerlain, surely? I mean, I know they pushed the bar with the Rouge Gs, but wow, for that price, they’ve surpassed some Chantecaille prices.

    …I am, however, rather pleased with the orderly numbering they’ve taken with their blushes :P

  • Tiffany says:

    $84? Oof. I’ll pass. Oh, I’ll give them a good look, though. I was immediately drawn to that first image.

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