Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow, part 4

Today’s post concludes one chapter of our look at Bobbi Brown’s eyeshadows, and I have to say, it has really been a pleasure. I have totally enjoyed investigating Bobbi’s enviable range of neutral mattes and satins (plus accent shades and “pops” of color). We’re going to segue right into the Shimmerwash shadows, but there will be one big roundup post at the end.

Bobbi’s shadows are $20, and any blush or eyeshadow can be very easily “depotted” to place in your own custom compact.
Bobbi Brown, eyeshadow, swatches, Hot Stone, Flesh, Soft Peach, Flint, Khaki, Saddle, Birch, Mink, Caviar
Should I tell you my favorites from this group, or do you think you already know? Taupes (cool browns or warm greys) abound. I like milky cool chocolate Hot Stone, warm grey with-a-whisper-of-purple Flint, muted, mossy green Khaki, cool brown, smoky Saddle, dusty Birch, and cool brown Mink.

I don’t know why Birch, Mink, and Caviar break the numbering pattern. If you have any insight on this, I would honestly love to know.

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5 Responses to “Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow, part 4”

  • Laura says:

    Hey Karla,

    I think Birch, Mink, and Caviar came later in the game and are the newer neutral colors in the line. No idea why they named them as such, but maybe there is a plan to change the numbering system.

    Also, for ladies who have the nudes palette from last simmer (six shades, including the powder caviar liner), I found that the Birch shadow is a terrific dupe for the Chino color in that palette.

  • Nina says:


    Thank you, again, for doing this. It has been a great reference. I am anxiously awaiting the S/W swatches coming up!

    Yeah, all I was going to suggest is that they’re all relatively new singles, and she didn’t want the numbering to go up too high, so started letters, in addition. Don’t know why they wouldn’t be A, B, C…..but hey, that’s another question! ;)

    THANKS so much, again.

  • Ana says:

    for the caviar one, on the website its described at black brown, would you say it IS a black brown or does it look like any other black eyeshadow?

  • KarlaSugar says:

    I think Caviar the gel liner is arguably black-brown (really dark black-brown), but the shadow looks black. Here are the gel liner and the shadow swatched side-by-side:

  • happyj9 says:

    hi karla! your website has tons of swatches of bobbi brown and it’s very helpful coz not many does that. im an asian and i have their nude palette before, (cement, espresso, naked, buck, wheat) what shade can you recommend for smokey daytime look? i picked up saddle and black plum matte yesterday and i want to add more….Thanks!

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