Chanel Fall

Chanel, Fall 2010, promoIf you haven’t heard it already, Chanel fall is on counter!

The eyeshadow quad (19 Enigma, $56) features a peony pink with gold shimmer, a shimmery grey-brown, a shimmery purple-charcoal, and a purple-black with blue sparkles.

If you’re not ready to take the plunge with the quad, the two new eyeshadow singles ($28.50) are in the same theme: 87 Taupe Gris is a softly shimmery grey purple. 88 Vert Khaki is a shimmery, browned “dirty” olive.

Chanel also released two new pencils: Crayon Kohl in Clair is a beige/flesh-toned pencil meant for use on the waterline (to brighten the eyes) or around the lips (for a perfectly defined pout). It’s $27. There’s also a new Stylo Yeux Waterproof, a twist-up mechanical (waterproof) eyeliner, in Cassis.

Paradoxal — the nail polish — is fascinating. As you approach the display, it looks like a dusty grey-purple creme. Then you pick up the bottle and BAM, you see the red-purple flash of shimmery duochrome. My swatch looked more or less like a grey-purple creme, but this color changes with lighting and angle. The polish is $23.
Chanel, fall, 2010, swatches, Enigma, Taupe Gris, Vert Khaki, Clair, Cassis, Paradoxal, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
There are three new Rouge Cocos for fall, and I was surprised by how similar Chintz and Rose Dentelle were. Chalys is also a surprisingly bright red-coral for fall (reminiscent of Rouge Allure Genial, but at a slightly lower volume?). Rouge Cocos are $30.

There are also four new Glossimers ($27). Petite Peche is very little peach indeed, a pale warm pink with silver sparkles. Coral Love is peachy pink with pink and orange sparkles. Rose Dilemma is a pale, cool, borderline mauvey pink with blue and purple sparkles. Pink Teaser is bright hot pink with orange and pink sparkles.
Chanel, fall, 2010, Rouge Coco, swatches, Chintz, Rose Dentelle, Chalys, Petite Peche, Coral Love, Rose Dilemma, Pink Teaser, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
The Joues Contraste blushes ($42) are all of the baked (European) variety; open a new compact and you’ll see a subtle “swirl” in the powder. Baked blushes are also baked right onto a flat pan, so the pans don’t have a visible rim.

I prefer the American style of Joues Contraste; the baked powders feel a little chalky to me, and they don’t yield their pigment as easily. Naturally, I did both light and heavy swatches.
Chanel, fall, 2010, Joues Contraste, Pink Explosion, Rose Temptation, Plum Attraction, swatches, Karla Sugar, KarlaSugar
Chanel, fall, 2010, Joues Contraste, Pink Explosion, Rose Temptation, Plum Attraction, swatches, Karla Sugar, KarlaSugar

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6 Responses to “Chanel Fall”

  • lily says:

    how does vert khaki compare to mac sumptuous olive? and rose temptation looks similar to stereo rose (just by comparing your swatch to the swatch on the mac website!), how do they compare in real life? thanks!

  • KarlaSugar says:

    Vert Khaki is much more brown than Sumptuous Olive (which is brighter, more green and more gold). Here’s a swatch of Sumptuous Olive:

    Stereo Rose is much more coral than Rose Temptation (which is more … uh, rose. The color is deeper). Stereo Rose is also shimmery whereas Rose Temptation is essentially matte (it has a few sparse sparkles, but I don’t think anyone will notice them). Here’s my swatch of Stereo Rose to compare:

  • Joanne says:

    Thank you – I never buy anything now without seeing your swatches first – you have saved me a fortune.

  • LuvJ says:

    My husband is nice enough to pick up Pink Explosion for me when it released, but I must say when I opened the compact and saw the swirl — my excitement just diminished. I do prefer the U.S. versions for the same reason you have. I also find that the Euro ones don’t last as long on the cheeks. So I contacted Nordstrom’s last week to inquire if they only received one formulation.. and I’m so disappointed because they have no clue what the heck I’m talking about when I asked them to check if any of the compacts say “Made in the U.S.A.”

  • I love the quad…for everyone!!!

  • Miss_M says:

    I bought the Rouge Coco lipstick in Chintz yesterday, which is such a pretty peachy/soft pink color. I’m also in love with Pink Explosion blush, which gives a nice pink glow to cheeks and is a great color for fair skinned girls like me.

    I’m very happy that both stay part of the permanent line :)

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