Guerlain Fall: the Palettes

Guerlain, fall, 2010, displayI have always demurred to name a favorite brand — I love so many products from so many brands, how could I pick a favorite? But I’m ready to give up that position and declare Guerlain the winner, based on their new fall palettes. They are, in a word, exquisite. The compact is gorgeous, the texture of the powders is phenomenal, and the color combinations are stunning.

The palettes are basically neutral themes with a pop of color and a wet/dry powder liner. The palettes are reportedly $84 each, and if you hear on the news that I robbed a bank and passed the teller a note demanding $454.65, it’s only because I needed one of each.

My counter didn’t have actual product to sell yet, so I still have to confirm that $84 price tag. It also got stormy before I could get adequate pictures of the other items in the collection, so I thought we’d start with the palettes and I’ll post swatches of the other stuff as soon as possible. [EDIT: And here are those swatches.]

I have no shame: I’m starting with my favorite, 2 Place Vendome. Are you spazzing out with me? The shades are white satin, gorgeous grey-taupe satin, golden taupe shimmer, an almost-black charcoal, and sapphire satin. Since the liner can be used dry or wet, I swatched it both ways. Wet it becomes a darkly shimmery black-sapphire — though if you’re going to use it wet, I recommend confining your “wet usage” to one corner, as water can change a powder’s consistency.
Guerlain, fall, 2010, 2, Place Vendome, swatches, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
My next favorite is 29 Rue de Sevres. I love that Guerlain made such excellent palettes focusing on matte and satin finishes (purely anecdotally, it seems easy to make a very smooth frosty shadow; mattes seem to be more difficult). There’s a slightly shimmery barely-pink white, a beautiful warm-grey satin, a deeper, browner taupe, an ever-so-slightly-blued grey satin, and a shimmery sky blue. The liner is dark, cool brown (more grey when wet).
Guerlain, fall, 2010, 29, Rue de Sevres, swatches, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Next, for the ladies who love their cooler greys: 68 Champs Elysees (the promotional product photos are of Champs Elysees). The shades are shimmery white, a matte grey on the cool side of taupe, cool dark brown satin, a satin blue-grey, and a gently shimmery royal purple. The liner is charcoal.
Guerlain, fall, 2010, swatches, Champs Elysees, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Then a warm palette: 10 Rue des Francs Bourgeois. The shades are yellow-beige matte, warm sand (it has just a touch of pink to it), red-brown, a darker warm brown, shimmery orange-gold. The liner is dark, cool brown.
Guerlain, fall, 2010, swatches, 10, Rue des Francs Bourgeois, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
And finally, the pinks: 93 Rue de Passy. The shades are matte dusty pink; dusty mauve; dusty violet; dusty, purpled grey; and shimmery pale pink. The liner, used wet, almost reminded me of Trish McEvoy’s Midnight Diamond (but Guerlain’s is a deeper color) — it’s a complex, reflective, blue and purple charcoal.
Guerlain, fall, 2010, swatches, Rue de Passy, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar

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22 Responses to “Guerlain Fall: the Palettes”

  • Steelnpurple says:

    93 Rue de Passy is soooooo going to be mine! 2 Place Vendome is also very very tempting..!

    GORGEOUS palettes, all of them!

  • I might as well start saving because I don’t see how I’ll be able to not pick them ALL! Gorgeous!

  • Jenn says:

    I picked up Rue de Sevres. It was $84. Your swatches make me want to go back and get Place Vendome but I must resist…

  • KarlaSugar says:

    Should Sevres be my favorite over Place Vendome? Ack, I can’t decide!

  • gobraves47 says:

    Karla! I don’t know whether to love you for posting the gorgeous pictures or hate you for breaking up my marriage. LMAO. They’re all so gorgeous, but I think I’ll have to settle for Champs Elysees, Vendome, and Sevres. maybe Passy too. Gah! Guerlain will be the end of me! <3 <3 <3

  • eva says:

    OMG, these palettes are beyond gorgeous. Specially the 2 firsts, same teste it seems! Thanks a lot for the swatches as always

  • Jean says:

    oh, those are just gorgeous! Love Guerlain shadows….so pigmented and like butta!

  • Lori says:

    OMG these are gorgeouus

    are these limited edition?

  • luv2smilexo says:

    gah. I had just convinced myself that I did not need these….and then these pictures. Karlaaa *pouts*

  • MarciaF says:

    Oh my goodness. These are gorgeous. I totally agree with you on #2. That is the first one I’m caving on. You’ve really done it to us this time Karla!!

  • wanda says:

    I love these! Oh, my wallet is going to hurt.

  • Anitacska says:

    I hate you Karla! :D I thought I wasn’t going to like these as they all looked the same apart from the middle colour (was going to only buy 68 Champs Elysees), but now I fear I might have to get them all. Oh dear. Looking forward to seeing swatches of “the other stuff” too!

  • Wendy says:

    Oh dear, I may have to forego MAC’s Venomous Villains collection for Guerlain – these palettes are beyond gorgeous!

  • Metro-Chic says:

    Thanks for doing this job for us. Now I want your first and last picks. I even don’t need to see it in person and already in love with it.

  • Diane C. says:

    Those are insanely gorgeous!

  • bukka says:

    Love love love the palletes – amazing collections – you have to check out the Guerlain boutique in Las Vegas in the Palazzo.

  • GiA says:

    I went in the boutique here at The Palazzo Hotel Las Vegas. I’m impress!!!!
    This palette are truly must have.
    Also I am normally a fan of Guerlain page on FB. They always update on new color and products.

  • Gena says:

    Can I borrow 500 bucks? ; )____ Totally drool-worthy…
    Where can I buy these, Karla?
    Are you going to show these off (on your eyes) for us? PLEASE put them on…
    Luv, Gena in CA

  • Andreea says:

    I have ssen them now in person and was astonished by the delicate colours. But I will pass them concerning the price. I will – or?!

  • Jackie says:

    Oh my goodness, Karla if you went to do a crazy thing just for getting these palettes you should count me in. :D

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