Guest Swatcher: Chanel Paradoxal

But wait! The post-game analysis of Chanel fall gets even better, because Soaper1 swatched Paradoxal (I think she even captured some of that elusive sparkle). Anyway, here’s her expert review and brilliant swatches:

Paradoxal is the hotly anticipated polish of Chanel’s fall collection (the collection also re-promotes Jade Rose). From the first rumors of its existence, the color description sounded like something special, and Paradoxal’s arrival was even more tensely anticipated because the few pre-release pictures of it all seemed to look different. There was also some confusion regarding the name. Was it Paradoxe or Paradoxal? There were bottle pictures floating around the internet with both names.

Well, the speculation is over. Paradoxal is a deep smoky amethyst with a royal purple shimmer. The shimmer is gorgeous (and very strong) in the bottle, but only shows up slightly on the nail. This was a very difficult polish to photograph. In most light and at many angles, this polish appears to be a creme. Looking at my middle nail, you can see that halfway down the nail the shimmer disappears.

Paradoxal applied very nicely. This photo shows three coats topped with one coat of Poshe. I decided to use Poshe because I had a new bottle and wanted to avoid any shrinkage at the tips.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get very good wear from this. I had tip wear in less than 24 hours and had a couple chips after 36 hours.

As I’ve said before, Chanel regret can be very expensive. So, if you want this, I’d buy it now. It’s starting to show up at Chanel counters and online.

Chanel polishes are $23 each.

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5 Responses to “Guest Swatcher: Chanel Paradoxal”

  • Sabrina says:

    Great review! I wish the shimmer/sparkle showed up more in natural light. For the lasting power – did you use any top coat or base coat?

    I find that most of my manicures start to look crummy after 24 hours regardless of brand (OPI, Essie, Chanel, Dior, D&G etc). I’m curious what brands you find last better. Or if you have a top coat you love, I’m all ears. I’m still searching for one I like.

    Love the line “Chanel regret can be very expensive.” So true.

  • soaper1 says:

    Sabrina – Yes, I do use a base coat and top coat. I’m currently using Poshe 4-in-1 base coat. I alternate top coats between Seche Vite, Poshe and Nubar Diamont. If your manicure is looking dull after 24 hrs, you might try Barielle Manicure Extender. It will restore the shine and help your polish wear longer.

  • Mien says:

    Sigh, this is so gorgeous!!! Too bad Chanel polishes are about twice as much as I’m willing to pay for a nail polish.

  • Mineral makeup addict says:

    Love that color, just not the price. Wondering if threes an Orly match? I love Orly! Lasts days without chipping with revlon Extra Life over it.

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