Lancome Fall: French Coquettes

Lancome, fall, 2010, French Coquettes, displayLancome fall is out on counters and it is just as lovely as the promo pictures led me to believe.

First, I am completely in love with Rose Divine lipstick. You already knew I adore the L’Absolu Rouge formula. It is so comfortable (and moisturizing, thanks to the inclusion of Pro-Xylane) — and the shades are somewhat staining, so the color really stays with you. But Rose Divine in particular is going to be the perfect fall lip for ladies who don’t like mauve (or berry, or purple) — and that’s me.

Rose Divine is supposedly what Daria Werbowy (on the left) is wearing… I think they must have tapped the color on, then layered Sweet Nude on top. (Ergo I must also buy Sweet Nude.)

I also really liked the nail polish trio. All three colors (sweet pink with nearly invisible gold shimmer; creme wineberry; plum-burgundy with tiny silver sparkles) seemed eminently lovely for fall. The formula swatched beautifully, and I like Lancome’s wide, flat brush (it’s similar to OPI’s Pro-Wide). Sorry the tape got a bit wrinkly; I was swatching too close to my wrist.
Lancome, fall, 2010, French Coquettes, Rose Divine, Rendez-vous, Parisian Attraction, Cherry Kiki, Sweet Nude, Sensation, Rouge Temptress, Plum Fetish, swatches, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Rendez-vous is not new or limited edition; that shade was repromoted with this collection (and I thought, “why not?”). L’Absolu Rouge lipsticks are $29; La Laque Fever glosses are $26.50; the nail trio is $25.
Lancome, fall, 2010, French Coquettes, French Touch, Rose Deco, Plum Glimmer, Sparkling Noir, swatches, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
I’d heard that the Rose Deco powder ($40) could be used all over the face or a blush, and to use it as a blush you should focus your brush on the rose itself. I did a quick comparison of the whole compact and just-the-rose, and I didn’t think the distinction would show up on camera (just-the-rose is a little darker).  So I did a light and heavy swatch of the whole compact instead.

Rose Deco is a light, dusty, slightly mauvey pink. I think whether or not you can wear it as a blush will depend on your skintone.

There’s a new, limited edition eyeshadow quad: French Touch ($42).  The shades are matte baby pink; shimmery, complex rose-brown(-violet-gold? It’s fascinating); shimmery pink-gold duochrome; and rich, plummy purple with silver sparkles.

There are two Artliners (liquid liner pens; $29): shimmering Plum Glimmer and sparkly Sparkling Noir. The Artliner pens are almost universally beloved by liquid liner connoisseurs. They have a flexible, extremely narrow sponge tip, perfect for precision application (which does perform much better on your lid than on your arm).
Lancome, French Coquettes, fall, 2010
There’s one last item to the fall collection which isn’t available yet: the Ombre Magnétique shadows ($25). There ARE three shadows in the display, but these are the existing Color Design formula. When Lancome creates a new formula (like Ombre Magnetique, or Creme de Brilliance gloss), they sometimes use popular shades of an existing formula.

Ombre Magnetique will be out August 15. It is a “spectacular sparkle,” long-wear, crease-resistant eyeshadow. It will be available in three shades: Cherry Cherie, Urban Silver, and Black Macadam.

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14 Responses to “Lancome Fall: French Coquettes”

  • Estelle says:

    Gorgeous swatches as always, Karla! I’m definitely going to check out those new Artliners, as well as Sweet Nude l/g! Thank you!

  • Lori Jenkins says:

    These are exactly the colors I want to wear for Fall! So lovely!

  • Melissa W. says:

    Ooh, Rose Divine does look like a wonderful lipstick. I love it! I love looking at your swatches. I’m always too shy to start swatching with abandon when at the makeup counter. No idea why, haha. Isn’t that what the testers are for? ;)

  • Susan says:

    Karla, I see you got the answer regarding the eye shadows vs new pots. Sorry I didn’t get back to you, but I couldn’t get back to the mall until today. Great swatches/info as always!

  • LNU says:

    The rose deco doesn’t look all that pretty when swatched, but those eyeshadows sure do!

  • Amy says:

    Karla could you please do a lip swatch of Rose Divine, pretty please?

  • KarlaSugar says:

    Absolutely yes. :)

  • Ahhh, I almost wish I didn’t look! I knew I wanted to polish trio, but now I want the e/s palette and Rose Divine. Karla, you’re bad for my wallet!

  • Susanne says:

    Parisian Attraction caught my eye and the eye quad. I’m really looking forward to this!

    You can look here: which products they used on the models.

  • kristie says:

    Karla, I saw this collection in person and it’s absolutely stunning. I love the red lipgloss and the quad.

  • trew says:

    There is also a kohl liner, i have “black cherry” a deep plum with silver sparkles- it smokes out like a dream!

  • leinti nti says:

    hi karla, what is the the number for rouge divine? is it limited ed? also for sensation gloss? TIA

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