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MAC, Alice + Olivia, promoThere’s a new collection at your freestanding MAC store: a collaboration with playful, edgy, sexy, partygirl fashion line Alice + Olivia. The collection was inspired by founder Stacey Bendet’s own personal style.

There are three new eyeshadow pigments ($19.50 each). Later is black with blue sparkles. If It Sparkles… is white that sparkles pink (it’s quite sparkly). Partylicious is shimmery turquoise/electric blue. All of these were swatched without a base.
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There are three Dazzleglass Cremes ($18), and they’re not like the Dazzleglass Cremes you’ve seen before. First of all, Sparklicious is so sparkly it seems like a Dazzleglass (minus the “Creme”). It’s got tons of pink and silver sparkle. If It’s Pink… and I.Want.Candy. are much smoother than the previous Dazzleglass Cremes, and their glitter is tiny.

I was totally puzzled by I.Want.Candy — it seems so runway. It goes on bright yellow, but “wears down” to more of a honey-on-your-lips kind of look (slightly nudifying). Lextard, of the utterly brilliant blog of the same name, recommended applying it over a too-bright pink or red to tone it down. MAC super-artist Gregory A. confirmed. He said, “Put I.Want.Candy on top of a matte red lip. It will literally change into a chic orange red with shine and luster. Or fill in the mouth with a beige pencil, then use — lovely!”

Finally, there are three nail polishes ($12): Morning After is turquoise creme. Military is matte charcoal (well it’s black with silver particles in it), and you may be wondering how it’s different from Studded, from the Riveting collection. Studded was lighter, more silver. Military has more black in it, bringing it closer to Orly’s Iron Butterfly. So Rich, So Pretty is a shimmery purple.
MAC, Alice + Olivia, products
I know not everyone has a freestanding MAC store; do you think these would make a good giveaway?

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7 Responses to “MAC Alice + Olivia”

  • Kim Porter says:

    I have later & partylicious & i want candy

  • Erin says:

    I think they’d make a great giveaway! Let me go ahead and send you my address for a Partylicious pig! ;)

  • Melanie says:

    I really love these actually…Id love to receive these as a giveaway!! Especially Partylicious and the nail polishes! Great job :)

  • ahhh so thattt’s how i want candy works. And partylicious looks better in the jar than on skin unfortunately :( the swatch seems much lighter than in the bottle :/

  • demosthenesval7 says:

    yes please do a giveaway!! my stores are already sold out of pretty much everything – i was only able to get the partylicious pigment – which is amazing, can’t wait to do a look with it!!

  • Tiffany says:

    I vote “yes” on it being a good giveaway. :)

    I have Iron Butterfly, so maybe I’m okay skipping Military. I have Studded if I want to wear something lighter than Iron Butterfly. I.Want.Candy, though…hmm. I’m intrigued.

  • Mary says:

    You are an ANGEL !
    This is the site I come to for a look at Mac swatches.
    Will definitely be getting Later and possibly Partylicious.
    Thanks so much.

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