Sneak Peek: Chanel Sublimage

Chanel, Sublimage CoffretI don’t know how many of you are Sublimage users, but I have a juicy tidbit for those of you who are.

Sublimage is Chanel’s ultra-luxe, top-of-the-line, anti-aging skincare family. It incorporates an exclusive-to-Chanel ingredient extracted from a rare and delicate plant in Madagascar. Basically it improves firmness, leaves your skin feeling more toned and elastic, increases radiance, evens the complexion, and really moisturizes.

The products in the line have been:

  • Sublimage Texture Supreme, the original cream (1.7 oz., $375)
  • Sublimage Texture Universelle, the lightweight, quick-absorbing version of the cream (1.7 oz., $375)
  • Sublimage Regenerating Fluid, a fluid version of the moisturizer, for those who don’t like creams (1.7 oz., $295)
  • Sublimage Serum, a concentrated elixir that increases the potency of the cream (1 oz., $400)
  • Sublimage Eye (.5 oz., $200)

Chanel, Sublimage, Essential Revitalizing ConcentrateAnyway, Chanel is rolling out the new Sublimage Essential Revitalizing Concentrate. It sounds like a serum, and it contains a new botanical ingredient (the Golden Champa flower of the Himalayas); but I’m not yet sure how it’s performance is different from the Essential Regenerating Concentrate serum.

To celebrate the launch, they’re offering a limited edition box set: Sublimage The Ultimate Skin Perfection Coffret. $595 gets you a 1 oz. Texture Supreme and a full sized Essential Revitalizing Concentrate (packaged in a lovely gold box). The set should be on counter ~late September/early October.

A 1 oz. “airless pump” bottle of the Essential Revitalizing Concentrate is $425.

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2 Responses to “Sneak Peek: Chanel Sublimage”

  • KellyK. says:

    I think I’ll make my mortgage payment instead, haha. That’s crazy expensive, even in my opinion. Although, if I was in that income bracket I might be tempted… hmm hmm hmm.

  • lexi920 says:

    My daughter and husband wouldn’t eat for two months if I bought this. Oh well at least I’ll have fabulous skin!

    hahaha j/k! Yeah like KellyK said above if I were a baller per se, I would be tempted by this.

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