The Armani Experience

Tim Quinn, Karla SugarIf you live in (or near) Dallas, don’t forget that the Armani national team is at Neiman Marcus Northpark today and tomorrow, with great makeup tips, tricks, and a sweet gift with purchase.

I had the profound pleasure of meeting the legendary (and hilariously funny) Tim Quinn and Rhona Samuels. They are literally the dynamic duo, and it was a pleasure to watch them in action. (Customers were hugging them after admiring their post-makeover looks.)

I am wearing Luminous Silk Foundation, Fluid Sheer 7 as a highlighter (above and below the brow? Gorgeous.), Eyes to Kill palette 6 – Bronze Coral, Cream Blush Duo 3, and Armani Sheer Lipstick 6 mixed with Shimmer 25 lipgloss. (And eyeliner and skincare and mascara, but you can’t really see those, can you?)

If you want to call the counter to make an appointment, their number is 214-363-8311 x2121
Tim Quinn, Rhona Samuels, Karla Sugar

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25 Responses to “The Armani Experience”

  • Mimi says:

    Oh gosh Karla, you look really good! :D Very pretty! It sounds like you had a fun time!

  • Kat says:

    OOOh, I’ve had my makeup done by Rhona before and she was amazing.

  • Eileen says:

    You look positively radiant, Karla. I hope you had somewhere special to go afterward :-)

  • Lianne says:

    Whoa, your hair looks PERFECT in these photos! As a fellow curly, I stand in awe of your glossiness.

  • Lindsey says:

    Karla, you look lovely! The blush is especially nice.

  • eva says:

    you look amazing!

  • OMG, Karla you glow! You skin is luminous, hair is perfect, cute dress–watchf out Dallas!!!

  • Rupa says:

    You are gorgeous, girl!

  • Martha says:

    You look great Karla :)

  • soaper1 says:

    You look fantastic!

  • Claudia says:

    Karla you are gorgeous!!!
    it is so nice to see yor face =P

  • demosthenesval7 says:

    Hi Karla, glad you enjoyed your time with Tim and Rhona!! You look fabulous! I love working with both of them, as you say they are quite the dynamic duo!!

  • Eta says:

    Oh Karla, this is such a gorgeous look for you. If I ever had the chance to meet with professional make-up artists where I live, I’d ask them about this kind of look. It’s something you could wear every day and be insanely classy.

  • Petra says:

    Very nice to see Your face – You’re really pretty, Karla!

  • Winthrop44 says:

    Karla, you look gorgeous!

  • chibu74 says:

    you look gorg/radiant girl!!

  • Valerie H. says:

    You truly do look radiant!

  • Jessica says:

    Love this look! This is my idea of great makeup: radiant, soft, effortless. No outrageous colors or designs – just straight-up pretty!

  • Shari says:

    You look fabulous! loving the lipstick.

  • panties says:

    ;o what an AWESOME makeover :D i love it :)

    what do you use for your hair !!!?!?! us curly girls would like to know :)

  • KarlaSugar says:

    Haha! Here is my most recent hair post (which sums up my regimen at this time):

    Here are the hair-product articles that preceded it:

    And I’m actually about to write another one about another shampoo/conditioner I discovered. :)

  • rosie says:

    You look so glowy and pretty -what a great look! By the way, do you have details on the GWP?

  • You look so adorable and fresh! :) Great hair style! <3

  • KarlaSugar says:

    Sorry the information comes too late to be of use, Rosie, but it had blister-pack of Crema Nera and Crema Nera Eye, a card with a tiny brush and blister-pack samples of the Rouge d’Armani lipstick in Beige 100, Rouge 400, and Pink 500, plus boxed little 5 ml tubes of Luminous Silk Foundation (55), Fluid Master Primer, and Lasting Silk UV Foundation (5).

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