Armani Summer 2010

Armani, Mediterranean palette, promoSo what’s in Armani’s summer 2010 collection? Well in addition to the three new shades of Rouge d’Armani lipstick, there’s also the Bronze Mediterranean Palette ($85). This double-decker compact  features four shades of eyeshadow (shimmery, iridescent gold/spring green, shimmery cerulean, shimmery bronze, and satin mint green) and a universal bronzer (it’s a bit more gold, and a bit more sheer than Armani’s #5 bronzer).

There are also three new Lip Shimmer lipglosses ($27). In terms of feel, these remind me most of Chanel’s Aqualumiere Glosses; they’re not at all sticky (they have a sort of cushiony feel), and they have a brush wand. 65 is fuchsia; 66 is berry jam; 67 is quite sheer, a strawberry/raspberry color.
Armani, summer, 2010, swatches, Mediterranean palette, Lip Shimmer 65, 66, 67, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
But that’s not all. The summer collection was supposed to repromote two Eyes to Kill palettes from 2009 (1, neutrals, and 3, purples) and introduce two new palettes: 5 (blues) and 6 (bronze and pink). My counter didn’t get 3 back in, so I swatched 1, 5, and 6.  (Does this feel like a math problem to you?)

Armani, Eyes to Kill, palette, swatches, 1, 5, 6
Armani, Eyes to Kill, palette, promoThese palettes aren’t entirely conducive to swatching with eyeshadow applicators; it can be hard to get your applicator in just one color. They’re much better designed for use with a brush.

Eyes to Kill 1 features matte black, soft white with tiny gold sparkles, and a softly shimmery cool brown. Eyes to Kill 5 includes a satin indigo, a shimmery cool grey, and a low shimmer sky blue. Eyes to Kill 6 is a softly shimmery peach, a softly shimmery baby pink, and a softly shimmery warm tobacco-sand.

For the curious among you, Eyes to Kill palette 2 was a trio of browns; 4 was russet and brown. The testers for these are no longer at my counter. All EtK palettes are $59 each.

Bonus: I was wearing Eyes to Kill palette 6 in this photo here.

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One Response to “Armani Summer 2010”

  • You know, the color choices in the Eyes to Kill palettes remind me a LOT of the MES trios from In The Groove. I wonder where the big blue trend is coming from?

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