Bobbi Brown Black Velvet

Bobbi Brown, Black Velvet, promo, fall, 2010Bobbi Brown is definitely stepping outside my comfort zone for fall. Her Black Velvet collection is smoky and vampy (and on counters now).

Bobbi’s “Lip Colors” are her basic lipsticks, and there are two new shades for fall. Black Maple is chocolate cherry. Black Raspberry is redwood.

There’s just one Metallic Lip Color: Black Garnet. Black Garnet is a slightly shimmery, slightly sparkly purple-brown.

There are two new Creamy Lip Colors, cool brown Black Mahogany and the aptly named Black Cherry.

All five lipsticks are $22 each.

There’s also just one gloss, Black Chocolate Sheer Color Gloss ($20). It is really very sheer (this is the layered swatch, if you can believe it).
Bobbi Brown, Black Velvet, swatches, Black Maple, Black Raspberry, Black Garnet, Black Mahogany, Black Cherry, Black Chocolate, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
There are seven new eyeshadows in all, but none of my counters have received the two Sparkle shades, Black and Black Velvet.

It’s also slightly confusing that shade names have been reused for different eyeshadow finishes.

To begin, there’s a Black Charcoal metallic eyeshadow (#78). This shadow actually seemed much more like a Sparkle than a Metallic to me. I previously observed that the Metallic shadows are smooth, pigmented, and shimmery (occasionally frosty). Black Charcoal metallic shadow is silver sparkle in a matte black base. I wasn’t completely satisfied with my dry swatch, so I swatched it a second time over moisturizer (to simulate performance over an eyeshadow base). The result was a deeper black and a denser sparkle.

Next to Black Charcoal Metallic is Black Charcoal Eye Shadow (#2F). The matte Black Charcoal is nearly black. If I let myself get romantic, I would call it the darkest, coolest brown that could possibly exist. You could also say it was a “soft” black, a sooty charcoal.

Black Berry (#77) is a Metallic, literally a blackened berry with tiny berry sparkles.

Black Cocoa (#79) is also Metallic, a cool, dark brown with lots of copper sparkles (more than you can see in the photo).

Black Chocolate (#2G) is another “regular” eyeshadow, a dark, cool, matte brown. All Bobbi shadows are $20.
Bobbi Brown, Black Velvet, swatches, eyeshadow, metallic, Black Charcoal, Black Berry, Black Cocoa, Black Chocolate, Black, Black Plum
And this collection introduces a new eyeliner for Bobbi: pencil kohls in three shades. These are deliciously creamy. As kohls, my first instinct is to use them on my waterline, but the sales associate I talked to said she’s also been using them like smudgy crayons, almost like eyeshadow. These are $20 each.

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13 Responses to “Bobbi Brown Black Velvet”

  • Dovey says:

    Awesome swatches! I saw this collection over the weekend too! I’m really excited about the all the metallic eye shadows and a couple of the lip colors. I just had to throw away a lot of my Bobbi Brown makeup that was less than a year old (smelled funny- I’m guessing due to the summer heat?) and have to start replacing it. =/

  • Nicole says:

    The Black Plum kohl looks gorgeous! I might have to check it out once this collection arrives across the pond… :)

  • Laura says:

    Thanks for these swatches! I think it is interesting that the creamy eye pencils aren’t creamy and the kohls are deliciously so. Isn’t this backwards, BB? Hehe.

    I definitely plan to check this collection out at the counter. These dark colors are terrific in the crease, IMO. I do think that BB’s photo-shopped models are getting scarier and scarier. Beautiful girl, but wow – can the pic BE any more odd?

  • Mamavalveeta03 says:

    Black Charcoal is a fantastic shadow that can be “sheered out”, esp. if you layer it over white/navajo/bone/ivory. Plus, the Black Cherry lip color looks fantastic with a little bit of “White” lipgloss in the center of the lips.
    Laura: This isn’t the only pic from the collection and it isn’t my fave. Look for the others.

  • Eileen says:

    Bobbi’s Black Velvet collection is a lesson in smoldering elegance and sophistication. Whereas her Denim collection seemed like a young girl’s pink and blue summer dreams, Black Velvet is definitely for the woman who loves dramatic and sensuous looks.

    I’ve read some consternation amongst bloggers regarding the application of the metallic eye shadows. It seems that for rich color, the shadows must be applied over a good base. I think your swatches clearly illustrate the difference.

    Thanks for the great swatches.

  • Oh, Bobbi… what were you thinking? She’s about two seasons late on the black trend, not to mention the fact that the typical Bobbi Brown customer doesn’t need so many black products. Here’s hoping the winter collection is better!

  • chris says:

    I like the campaign visuals – A LOT. but I can’t pull of dark shades well, neither on the eyes nor on the lips..

    I am tempted by the Garnet lipstick and the Black Plum khol though.

  • Shanda says:

    To My lips: I read that Bobbi created this collection for her darker skinned ladies who wanted a nude look and a pale, frosty, white pink shade wouldn’t work on them. Also a lot of brands this fall are bringing out a dark collection.

  • saku says:

    Even though I’m more tan and bronze. Even this seems too dark for me. I wouldn’t know how to wear them. But I do like the 27 and gloss.

  • victoria says:

    Lovely Collection.

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