Dior Fall

Dior, fall, 2010, Misty Mauve, eyeshadow quintPurple lovers, brace yourselves for Dior fall, because it is all about you.

The first thing to catch my eye on Dior’s display were the two eyeshadow quints: 844 Misty Mauve, and 808 Pink Design (shoulda been called “Purple Design.”)

Misty Mauve seemed special in that it offered a range of finishes. Instead of the all-frosty “iridescent” quints, Misty Mauve offers a low-shimmer breath-of-purple white, a matte blackberry (great texture, by the way), a shimmery blackened purple, a shimmery white, and a shimmery iced violet. Misty Mauve is limited edition.

Pink Design is one of Dior’s “designer” quints, meaning the 5-pan palette includes one shade which is a sparkle topcoat, and one that’s a cream liner. The shades are: a really pretty, shimmery, almost duochrome royal purple, a purple-white sparkle topcoat, shimmery purple-pink, shimmery iridescent white, and a black-violet cream liner. Pink Design is permanent, and both palettes are $58.
Dior, fall, 2010, quints, swatches, 844, Misty Mauve, 808, Pink Design, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Dior, Logomania, Silver Screen, eyeshadow duo, fall 2010Then there’s a slew of “other stuff” on the display. First of all, there’s the limited edition “Logomania” eyeshadow duo — the powder is embossed with a repeating Dior logo. The eyeshadow duo is $38, and the silver shade is impressively glittery and impressively adherent for a powder shadow. The sparkle really stuck to my arm. The black is a satin finish, with a few tiny silver sparkles.

There are two Dior Addict lipsticks for fall, but I was fooled at the counter: the first shade should be 694 Spectacular Mauve, not 623 Infamous Pink. I believe Spectacular Mauve is limited edition, and it will not be available at Sephora. Technicolor Red is cherry-fuchsia with tiny red sparkles. The lipsticks are $26 each.

There’s one new limited edition Ultra-Gloss (in the “Flash” formula): 692 Tailored Mauve. It’s purple-pink and $26.50.
Dior, fall, 2010, swatches, Logomania, eyeshadow duo, 085, Silver Screen, 623, Infamous Pink, 873, Technicolor Red, 905, Black Sequins, 470, Pearly Pink, 560, Radiant Pink, 860, Violet, 870, Ruby, 880, Plum, Serum de Rouge, Dior Addict, Ultra-Gloss
Every counter except Sephora will get nail polish 905 Black Sequins (it’s black with really tiny silver sparkles). Sephora will instead receive 386 Cherry Blossom. Dior polishes are $21.

And finally, there are five new shades of Serum de Rouge lipstick for fall (bringing the total up to 17). Serum de Rouge is $32, and contains the same skincare ingredient in Dior’s Capture Totale (wrinkle prevention) line. They released their first eight shades about a year ago, click here to revisit those swatches.

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6 Responses to “Dior Fall”

  • carrie says:

    I love the pink design quint. but alas, too ruch for my blood.

  • jbrobeck says:

    I picked up black sequins when they had it at Sephora last year… very pretty!

  • Melissa W. says:

    I love Misty Mauve. I can’t quite afford it though. I will have to build a dupe using less expensive eyeshadows. I may spring for Technicolor Red though, such a lovely color.

  • Sarah says:

    Man, I want Misty Mauve. I have yet to see a review or a swatch that has been able to deter me from this lemming. This might have to be my big splurge for beauty this fall!

  • Stephanie says:

    I’m loving Misty Mauve! I can’t find it on the nordstrom website though

  • anne says:

    misty mauve is the most beautifull dior quad. why is it sold out everywhere! i cant find it. i would also go for perl glow -which was LE :-(

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