Estee Lauder Blue Dahlia Breakdown

Estee Lauder, Blue Dahlia, promoSo what is model Hilary Rhoda wearing in Estee Lauder’s Blue Dahlia promo photo? Glad you asked! (Click to enlarge the image if you need a closer look.)

Apply Double Wear Stay-in-Place Powder Makeup SPF 10 all over to create a matte base. Softly emphasize cheeks with Signature Satin Creme Blush in Nude Light and Bronze Goddess Matte Bronzer.

NEW Pure Color Five Color EyeShadow Palette in Blue Dahlia
Estee Lauder, Blue Dahlia, palette, guideApply shade 4 all over the lid as a base. Blend. Then apply shade 3 to frame the eye (start at the crease, extend up and out to outer corner. Define the outer corner, then blend. Extend down under the lower lashes and blend).

Blend shades 1 and 5 together, and apply over the inner two-thirds of the lid. (And this is where it gets confusing…) The chart I read says to use shade 1 as a liner; shade 5 makes more sense to me.

Estee Lauder, Blue Dahlia, face chartAnyway, finish by blending shade 2 over your liner on the upper lashline. Blend out into outer corner. Apply Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting Mascara on upper and lower lashes.

Pure Color Gloss Stick in Rose Dusk, topped with Pure Color Gloss in Twilight Petal.

Artist’s note: For a more dramatic lip look, use Pure Color Gloss Stick in Midnight Bloom with Pure Color Gloss in Midnight Bloom.

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4 Responses to “Estee Lauder Blue Dahlia Breakdown”

  • fatbottmdgrl says:

    We were told in training to do xoxo with this palette. Diagonally one way you get a neutral look, the other way a more intense, colorful look, and if you use all the colors, the “O”, you will get the “Blue Dahlia” look. So, colors 1 & 3 are neutral look, colors 2 & 4, colorful look, and all the numbers the “Blue Dahlia” look. Also these are very intense shades and not for the shy.

  • KarlaSugar says:

    Fascinating! Thank you for your insight, as always!

  • Liliana says:

    I think the chart does not correspond to the how-to-get-the look on EL website (have a look there, please), something is wrong, though I saw this chart all over the web. The xoxo mode makes much more semse.

  • Jean says:

    Oh, that’s just gorgeous. I wish I had the face where I could pull it off, but I have more of the sweet/cute look than that kind of classic beauty, and that kind of eye makeup with the sharp edges and deep contrast in the crease/hollow looks horrid on my eyes, being Asian. I’d look like a clown with that much make up on but that picture is absolutely fantastic!

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