Guest Post from Marcus Monson: Making Your Makeup Last

Marcus Monson, GuerlainNational Guerlain artist Marcus Monson travels around the country offering makeup tips and demonstrating expert application (click here to read about what I learned, watching him work). But what if he’s not coming to your town this summer?

Not to worry!

It is with great pride that I introduce today’s guest blogger: Marcus Monson (oh yes). Here are his tips on making your makeup last in the summer heat:

1. Don’t just show some skin in the summer… shed it!
It’s imperative to exfoliate skin two to three times a week in warm weather. This frequent exfoliation will get dead skin cells off the face, so makeup doesn’t sit on top of them. Dead cells on the surface of the skin make it too easy for makeup to slide off in the sizzling heat. (Try: Secret de Purete Exfoliator, $54)

2. If you’ve changed your seasonal wardrobe… you need to change your moisturizer too.
If you have packed away heavy sweaters and parkas, you should also pack away your heavy moisturizer. The same formula does not work equally well year-round, particularly when we’re having a summer like this. Switch to a lightweight moisturizer, with a texture and formulation designed to be absorbed quickly. A heavy cream will just sit on top of your skin.

Seeing a theme here? Anything that sits on your skin can start to move or melt away in the heat (carrying your makeup with it). The key is to start your makeup routine with a smooth but lightly moisturized complexion. (Try: Orchidée Impériale Fluid, $297)

3. To use foundation or not to use foundation… that is the question.
If you are still looking for a lot of coverage, there is no need to go without foundation even in the most extreme heat. Look for a long-wearing foundation with specific ingredients to combat the temperature rise in the skin. (Try: Parure Extreme Foundation, $56)

In the summer months, it also becomes so much more important to get your exact shade in foundation. The more perfect the match, the less foundation you have to apply, so choose carefully and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

You can even focus your application on the t-zone and blend outward, skipping parts of the face that don’t need the coverage. How do you know how much to apply? If it’s creasing when you’re smiling, you have used too much. Use a makeup sponge and gently dab to remove the excess.

And if the thought of one more layer in this weather is too much for you, skip foundation! Take an illuminator and apply to just the areas that need lightening or highlighting. Don’t go overboard; illuminator can get cakey too. Use it sparingly and see if you have achieved the coverage you want — you can always layer a little more afterward. (Try: Precious Light Illuminator, $48)

4. Powder is your frenemy…
Powder tends to cake in the heat so when the mercury is rising, the amount of powder you are using in your beauty routine should get lower and lower. It’s not an enemy to be avoided completely, you just need to know when and how much to use.

Try switching your standard powder to a different formula. If you use a powder bronzer, try a spray bronzer that will blend more easily and last longer. Using a brush or a sponge to blend after you apply it helps the liquid formula settle and to stay put. (Try: Terracotta Spray Bronzer, $59)

5. The eyes have it
Using a base under your powder eyeshadow will go a long way toward helping it stay on. How often do you get home to find your eye makeup has migrated to below your eyes? In the heat, eyelids only get more slippery.

Use less eye shadow, and concentrate on a lighter look overall in the summer. A lighter shade (without too much focus on the outer corner or the crease) is going to stay put all day. Less is more in the summer, 90 degrees is not the time to get complicated with your eye makeup. (Try: Six Shade Eye Shadow in #10 Rue des Francs Bourgeois, $84)

Liquid liner will also last much longer than its pencil counterparts, and waterproof mascara is a must-have for the heat. (Try: Le 2 Waterproof Mascara, $36)

6. Hot lips tips
No matter what any company says, until NASA starts getting into the lip gloss business there is no lip gloss that’s going to resist the extreme heat we’re all experiencing this summer. And the truth is, the more long-lasting a formula claims to be, often the less comfortable that formula is on your lips. I like to use lip liner instead to extend the life of lip gloss. In the heat of summer it’s great to make use of a liner with a pop of color, at least a few shades brighter than the nude or neutral one you are using in other seasons.

Line your lips and fill in with the pencil so you have a great, full base under the gloss. When the gloss inevitably wears off, you will still be left with gorgeous color that’s bright and seasonably appropriate. (Try: Lip Pencil in #41 or #61, $29)

7. A little powder finish
I said powder was your frenemy, but you never stay away from a frenemy entirely! Finish off your look with a very light application of a translucent loose powder. Try using a very large brush to apply; this will help you avoid picking up too much powder and overapplying. Focus on the t-zone, or your oily areas, and lightly dust as a finishing touch. (Try: Les Voilettes Loose Powder, $55)

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4 Responses to “Guest Post from Marcus Monson: Making Your Makeup Last”

  • Susan says:

    Thanks for the great tips – love the “frenenemy” comment!

  • Michelle says:

    Many thanks for this post. I live in Rio de Janeiro, where the weather is hot most of the year, and these tips are really useful.

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