Guest Swatcher: Guerlain Loose Kohls

Tremendous thanks to the amazing (and beautiful) Eva of Sin MU No Soy Nada (“without makeup I’m nothing”). Even if you don’t speak Spanish and don’t care to use Google Translate, she takes wonderful pictures, and her blog is really worth a look.

Eva last rode to my rescue by swatching the elusive (not available in the U.S.) shade 19 of Make Up For Ever’s fantastic new Aqua Creams.

This time, she rather incredibly offered to swatch her personal collection of Guerlain’s loose terracotta kohls. If you’ve ever tried to track down the “lost” shades of these fabulous eyeliners, you know that they are rare and difficult to find. I dream of the day when Guerlain re-releases white-gold Secret Glow.

Here’s a quick history of the loose kohl release dates:
2001: 01 Noir, 02 Brun, and 03 Bleu
2002: Kaki (limited edition)
2003: Pourpre (limited edition)
2004: Secret Glow 00 (limited edition)
2005: Aqua Blue (limited edition)
2006: A new launch: Brun Dore 02, in replacement of Brun 02
2007: Oriental Bronze (limited edition)
2008: A new launch: Oriental Metal 04, and the discontinuation of Secret Glow 00
2009: Limited edition release of 05 Lagon Bleu (Lagoon Blue)
2010: Limited edition release of 06 Mirage
Guerlain, loose kohl, terracotta
Guerlain, terracotta, loose kohl, swatches, Noir, Oriental Metal, Pourpre, Brun Dore, Mirage, Oriental Bronze, Bleu, Aqua Bleu, Lagoon Bleu, Secret Glow
The difference between Brun Dore and Mirage? Brun Dore has gold sparkles; Mirage is matte.
Guerlain, terracotta, loose kohl, swatches, Noir, Oriental Metal, Pourpre, Brun Dore, Mirage, Oriental Bronze, Bleu, Aqua Bleu, Lagoon Bleu, Secret Glow
And because I truly believe more swatches are always a good thing, click here to see Rina’s guest swatches of her Guerlain kohl collection, and click here for a video demonstration of the “Eastern style” of loose kohl application.

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6 Responses to “Guest Swatcher: Guerlain Loose Kohls”

  • This is awesome! I’ve never seen these in action and I’m eager to try this out sometime. I wonder why these haven’t caught on stateside…

  • Edina says:

    This is my all-time favorite makeup item, ever! But I’ve notice the limited editions don’t have quite the same texture (and so ability to stay) as the old faithfuls like black and brune dore. Still I live for finding the Secret Glow someday…

  • Jaxappella says:

    Does anyone know how the eastern application method does with contacts? I fear quite the battle!

  • KarlaSugar says:

    Jaxappella, I wear contacts and I apply “eastern style.” Some eyes are irritated by kohls, but wearing lenses don’t seem to be a good predictor.

  • jaxappella says:

    thanks karla! i might have to give it a shot then!

  • Jennifer says:

    I lived in Europe years ago and purchased a few of these. I got frustrated trying to use them so gave them away…all except the Secret Glow! I just found it stashed away and cracked it open tonight…guess I give it another try…
    I’m glad I didn’t throw it away like I was planning to!!
    Thanks for the info!!

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