Guest Swatcher: Laura Mercier Mystique Collection

Laura Mercier, Mystique, displayTremendous thanks to the lovely Katie from My Lips But Better. She checked out Laura Mercier’s latest collection, Mystique, and came back with swatches. (And as a result, I think I need to go check out those Second Skin blushes!)  Here’s her full report:

I wasn’t in love with the Sequin eye colors. They are nice if you are going for a muted look, but I was expecting more payoff, based on the impressive color in the pan. The second skin cheek colours were amazing and beautiful (as always).

City Pink true pink. Lotus Pink is pinky-apricot. Sterling is sheer silver. Violetta is plum violet. Peacock is muted, silvered teal.

Laura Mercier, Mystique, swatches, City Pink, Lotus Pink, Sterling, Violetta, Peacock

Plum Noir is browned plum. Pink Tulle is medium nude pink. Cocoa Latte is warm brown. Brown Plum is plum (but not too brown). St. Tropez is light pink-bronze. Sandcastle is tanned pink.

Laura Mercier, Mystique, swatches, Plum Noir, Pink Tulle, Cocoa Latte, Brown Plum, St. Tropez, Sandcastle
EDIT: Katie felt that her photos might not have provided enough color information, so she took additional swatches. I wanted to show both sets of pictures, because I think more swatches = more information, which is always a good thing.

Here are her additional images.
Laura Mercier, Mystique, swatches, City Pink, Lotus Pink, Sterling, Violetta, Peacock
Laura Mercier, Mystique, swatches, Plum Noir, Pink Tulle, Cocoa Latte, Brown Plum, St. Tropez, Sandcastle, Sand castle
Katie adds:

City Pink is a warm raspberry. Lotus Pink is pinky coral. The sequin eye colors show up better with sponge tip applicators, however I stand by my statement that they are sheerer than usual for Laura Mercier. Here I’ve done 4-5 layers of color and you can still see some skin.

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8 Responses to “Guest Swatcher: Laura Mercier Mystique Collection”

  • Lindsey9107 says:

    Ooooooh, Plum Noir, I think I love you. This may have to be my first Laura Mercier purchase.

  • Rina says:

    Thanks for posting! I do have a few comments, though.

    These swatches look VERY different from the actual colour pay-off I have whenever I use or test these products out.

    I own Peacock e/s and it’s very pigmented and is darker than what’s shown in the photo.

    Lotus Pink is a pink blush with a slight coral tone to it and City Pink is actually raspberry pink. Of course, this depends on your skin tone.

    The lip colours also look a lot more muddy-brown than they are in person, too. Maybe it’s the lighting?

    The texture of these 3 eye shadows is different from LM’s usual, imho and an eye primer is needed in order for them to deliver 100%, but even without, I would definitely disagree with them being used if you were going for a ‘muted look’. JMHO and experience, as well.

  • Cheri says:

    Wow, those are such pretty colors, but my blushes look really different from the ones in the picture. I wonder if there’s differences in batches. My Lotus Pink blush is a true warm pink, with maybe just a hint of peach. City Pink is bright raspberry pink on me. They still look nice, though!

  • KarlaSugar says:

    Thank you for your insight, ladies!

  • Hey ladies, I did these swatches and I think I might know why they look different. I forgot my sponge-tip applicators and had to use a sponge wedge instead. It works great for the blushes but I think the eyeshadows might have been more intense with a smaller applicator. The lighting could also be improved; however, I still don’t think the payoff was even close to the pan color.

    I did these swatches about a month ago and have learned quite a bit about lighting and swatch techniques since then by looking more carefully at Karla’s great swatches. I may visit the mall soon to redo the first picture since I’d hate to let Karla down. If it helps, I think the swatches in the second photo were very accurate.

  • Zuzu's Petals says:

    As always, thanks for swatching. City Pink is on its way to me.

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