Guest Swatcher: Studio M Slamming Red

Have you ever heard of a new product, but didn’t quite know all what the buzz was about? And then maybe you saw a swatch picture that instantly got your attention? That’s me and Studio M’s Slamming Red. I knew that the nail aficionados were talking about it, I knew that it was only for sale in a store I don’t have access to… And now Soaper1′s got me thinking about it. Here’s her review and swatch:

Studio M Slamming Red is a gorgous red that is chock-full of holographic glitter.  This picture does not do it justice. In the sunlight, the polish sparkles like crazy. From what I understand, Studio M is a brand exclusive to Meijer stores (no locations in Texas), but I was lucky enough to have a friend send this to me.

This polish was very, very thick, and I thinned it as I was using it. I added 5 to 7 drops of nail polish thinner after each nail… and it could still use a little more thinning.  This photo is one coat (one coat!) with one coat of Poshe and one coat of Seche Vite. Even with two coats of top coat, it wasn’t smooth — but the color is so gorgeous that I don’t care!

I knew this would be tough to remove, even with felt, so I used the Studio Tools 100% acetone tub and it came right off.

Studio M, Slamming Red, swatches

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