Guest Swatchers: Stereo Rose

MAC, Stereo RoseThe “after market” for MAC’s recently re-released Stereo Rose is still going strong (as is the debate over whether the old version is the same as the new), so many thanks to guest swatchers Liz and caprig for their swatch contributions and their insight.

I think I’ve finally convinced myself that I don’t regret not purchasing Stereo Rose.  Well, almost.

Liz says she’s NC25 (maybe a little more tan, thanks to outdoor activities), and tried her best to capture the pinky coral color of her original Stereo Rose.
MAC, Stereo Rose, swatches
MAC, Stereo Rose, swatches
Caprig is a big fan of Mineralize Skinfinishes in general, and Stereo Rose in specific. She loves the youthfulness and sunkissed glow it adds to her face. She applies a gentle swipe with her “skunk” (duo-fibre, MAC 187 brush), and warns applying with too heavy a hand can look overdone. (She also recommends buffing with a kabuki if you find it too shimmery.)

Caprig describes Stereo Rose as coral pink powder with darker bronze shimmer veining, and in her opinion, the new version is identical to the old.

Click here to read her full review.
MAC, Stereo Rose, swatches

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2 Responses to “Guest Swatchers: Stereo Rose”

  • Liz says:

    Hi Karla!! Thanks for posting the pictures :) I wanted to let you know that the In the groove collection finally came out in japan and I went to my local mac counter and swatched stereo rose. it is a little darker in tone to the original stereo rose. If you like I can call and see if they still have any and go buy you one? Please let me know.

    Liz :)

  • lilpil says:

    Thanks for the comparison. I never understood why there would be a difference if MAC named it the same. I can see this being re-promoted soon enough given its high buzz status.

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