MAC Fabulous Felines: Leopard Luxe

MAC, Fabulous Felines, Leopard LuxeLeopard Luxe is the warmest of MAC’s three Fabulous Felines collections. The Leopard Luxe eyeshadow quad is $36, and in case you’ve missed the last few months of MAC collections, the compact is of the new style, with the magnetic closure. This makes me wonder if the pans are glued down, or if it’s simply magnetic.

Wild By Nature is smooth and pigmented, a matte camel color. This palette also repromotes Notoriety, the grey-with-copper-sparkles shade I loved in the Notoriety quad of Makeup Art Cosmetics. Does it seem cooler and greyer than the last time we saw it?

Style Predator is a frosty, shimmery pumpkin (veluxe pearl). Furiously Fabulous is a shimmery warm charcoal.
MAC, Fabulous Felines, Leopard Luxe, swatches, Wild by Nature, Style Predator, Notoriety, Furiously Fabulous, Pure Show, Marked for Glamour, On the Hunt, Superslick, liquid liner, Lithe, Old Gold, pigment, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
I should have mentioned yesterday that none of the new Superslick Liquid Liners are approved for use on the waterline. And though I haven’t yet tried these on my eyes, on my arm they performed like waterproof liners: once they set, they didn’t respond to (oil) makeup remover right away. It took some time/rubbing, and then they flaked off a bit at a time.

Pure Show is bright yellow gold. Marked for Glamour is gunmetal. On the Hunt is like patent leather. The Superslick Liquid Liners are $17.50 each and they are a permanent addition to the line.

Lithe is like a peachier, more sparkly version of Naked pigment. Old Gold is a limited edition repromote, a “dirty,” greened gold. Pigments are $19.50 each.
MAC, Fabulous Felines, Leopard Luxe, swatches, Out-Minxed, Drive Me Wild, Powerful, The Prowl, A Quiet Roar, Schemer, Wildly Refined, Creamola, Cremestick, lipliner, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
All of Leopard Luxe’s lipsticks are a bit frosty. Out-Mixed (Glaze) is a pale gold shimmer. Drive Me Wild (Cremesheen) is a saturated strawberry with gold shimmer. Powerful (Dazzle) is browned-peach with pink and gold sparkles. The Prowl (Lustre) is a dark, warm brown with a few orange sparkles.

A Quiet Roar and Schemer remind me a bit of Almondine and Gold Dust from Colour 4: Amber of Spring Forecast. A Quiet Roar is cream-colored with a few sparkles. Schemer is sheer honey-orange with gold sparkles. Wildly Refined is sparkly coral-pink.

The repromoted, permanent Cremestick Liner in this group is warmed/pinked brown Creamola ($14.50)

Leopard Luxe’s mineralize blush is Utterly Game (see swatches here), and the collection includes a short-handled 129 ($34) and 227 ($30) — as well as a makeup bag I haven’t seen yet ($25).

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7 Responses to “MAC Fabulous Felines: Leopard Luxe”

  • Laura says:

    Thanks for the swatches, you just confirmed that I don’t need this quad!

  • Jennifer says:

    THANKS for the swatches, as always! :)

  • Rica says:

    Yay! Thanks Karla! One more left! :D I want to ask, what’s the difference of the normal powder blush with the mineralize blush? Does it have a lot of glitters on? Thanks again! :D

  • LU says:

    Thanks for the swatches! I ordered lithe pigment yesterday!

  • annette says:

    hey I noticed in your MAC reviews that you do these conspiracy theories as if the repromotes are not exactly the same. It really is annoying. Stereo Rose, Mauvement and now Notoreity. Can you please stop doing that and spreading internet rumors. Do your research first and then if you find that they are different sure please inform us, but otherwise it is so ANNOYING.

  • alex says:

    You don’t seem to understand that it’s not as if Mac has made all their eyeshadows at once and simply “dips” into their stash to re-promote. Every re-promoted color is made FOR THAT COLLECTION, and therefore it’s not a “conspiracy theory” that the colors may not be spot on identical to the last time they were released. If you have all of the colors why not write why you think they’re the same after comparing them? As a reader of this blog, I don’t like seeing nasty comments like yours.

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