MAC Fabulous Felines: Palace Pedigreed

MAC, Fabulous Felines, Palace PedigreedMakeup addicts and cat lovers (often the same people) have been eagerly awaiting the release of Fabulous Felines, one of two major fall releases from MAC. Fabulous Felines is organized a bit like Spring Forecast — the collection is broken into three “mini” collections, organized by cat/color family.

Each mini collection includes an eponymous eyeshadow quad ($36), and Palace Pedigreed is delightfully low on shimmer. Courtly is a soft, satiny lilac (satin finish). Palace Pedigreed is a muted red-plum. It’s also a satin, and the only shade that felt dry or chalky. Palace Pedigreed has a few sparkles, but they got lost in their journey from pan to arm. Quite Spoiled is mauve-rose (also a satin, but soft and smooth). Russian Blue is a dark grey-blue (with a slight undercurrent of green? It’s warmer than you expect). Its a matte, but the texture is pretty nice.
MAC, Fabulous Felines, Palace Pedigreed, swatches, Courtly, Quite Spoiled, Russian Blue, Superslick, eyeliner, liquid liner, Nocturnal, Smoky Heir, Smokey, Signature Blue, Mauvement, Bloodline, pigments, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
MAC, Fabulous Felines, Superslick Liquid LinerFabulous Felines also introduces a new eyeliner for MAC, Superslick Liquid Liner. These are $17.50 each, with an ultra-fine, conical sponge tip. Though Superslick looks like a pen, it’s not. Unscrew the cap and you’ll have an applicator in one hand, and a “well” of ink in the other. Superslick liners come in nine shades (three assigned to each of the “Felines”), and all nine shades will be joining the permanent line.

These seem to apply very wet — I wonder if it’s advisable to wipe the tip off a bit before applying.

Nocturnal is silver, and the most sheer of the Superslick liners. You may want to apply this one on top of another shade, or just do two coats to make sure you get the coverage you want. I also saw an artist blending Nocturnal out as a sparkly topcoat in the center of the lid, after applying powder eyeshadow. The effect was thrilling.

Smoky Heir is purple with tiny blue and orange sparkles. Signature Blue is cobalt, or sapphire. All of these have a metallic finish.

Each mini collection also includes two pigments (loose powder eyeshadow, $19.50) — some new shades, some repromotes. Palace Pedigreed includes Mauvement and Bloodline. Though Mauvement is repromoted, I thought it looked different from the last time I’d seen it. It seems more bronzey, slightly less purple. Maybe my mind is playing tricks on me — either way, I like this version. Bloodline is gorgeous. It’s this dark, cool, brown-purple-grey with iridescent shimmer. Totally stunning. These were swatched without a base.
MAC, Fabulous Felines, Palace Pedigreed, swatches, Superior, Of Royalty, Aristo-cat, Cunning, Docile, Best of Breed, Lap of Luxury, Beurre, Cremestick liner, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
MAC, Fabulous Felines, Palace PedigreedEach collection also has four lipsticks, three Lipglasses, and one repromoted-from-the-permanent-line Cremestick lipliner.

Superior is a Dazzle lipstick (the sparkly new formula we saw introduced for Digi-Pops). It’s basically sheer with pink sparkles. Of Royalty is a cool, blue-pink Cremesheen. Aristo-Cat and Cunning are both Frosts, but they seemed like a new kind of frost… creamier-feeling (at least to my arm), less frosty looking. Aristo-Cat is shimmery grape; Cunning is burgundy.

As for the lipglosses, Docile is a super sparkly baby pink, with these tiny iridescent shimmering sparkles. Best of Breed is a sheer and very sparkly grey-blue. Lap of Luxury is is a deep, winey purple — not quite brown enough to be mulberry.

Beurre ($14.50) is a mauvey, browned rose. Cremestick Liners are mechanical pencils.

The Felines collection does include some “extras.” As part of Palace Pedigreed, MAC is also selling a short-handled 168 angled blush brush ($32) and a bag, which I haven’t seen yet ($25).

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10 Responses to “MAC Fabulous Felines: Palace Pedigreed”

  • Autumn says:

    Thank you for the swatches! I got a sneak peak at the new line last week and I am so excited about it! The Navy Blue liquid liner is going to be my first pick up. Oh and I read that the liquid liner are supposed to dry with a wet slick look to them as per the creative director.

  • peach says:

    Great swatches as usual! I would never buy any MAC collections without checking your swatches. I’m a big fan. Thank you so much!

    Nice to see a swatch of Beurre. Is there any possibility that you will make swatches of MAC lip liners from their permanent collection? Pretty please? Those swatches are very hard to find.

  • Nik says:

    When I saw mauvement it made me want to dig mine out! But you are right the old is more purple…maybe I need to get this one too! They could have at least changed the name if it is different! Did this pigment look a little different in the jar too? If it’s different then I have to have it! Thank you for your post!!

  • Rica says:

    More! More! More! :) ~

  • Zuzu's Petals says:

    Thank you so much! You certainly sold the Pedigreed Palace quad, lip pencil, and Aristocats lipstick to me! It’s really too bad the packaging doesn’t reflect the feline theme.

  • Laura says:

    Thank you! I always look forward to your swatches! I think I just want this quad from this part. Of Royalty was on my list but it looks a bit too bright, waiting for someone to post lip swatches on Specktra!

  • Jennifer says:

    As always, you inform my purchasing decisions – you’ve saved me much more than you’ve cost me over the years! :) Thanks!

  • Tiffany says:

    Wow, those pigments are gorgeous. I kind of like the lipliner, too. Decisions, decisions…

  • Miss_M says:

    I liked this part of the collection best, since these were all cool toned colors. I bought the Palace Pedigreed quad, Aristo-Cat lipstick (which looks WAY more gorgeous on than it does look in the tube) and Best of Breed lipglass. The SA put BoB over Aristo-Cat and it really gave the lipstick an extra dimension.

    I also bought Pet Me blush, which is a great universal pink :)

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