Perfect Pout Giveaway

I think “lips” are having a moment. One of the first ways to change up your look — or transition from one season to another — is to change your lips. So this week, I’m going to send one winner four amazing new products to refresh their lip wardrobe: Lancome L’Absolu Creme de Brilliance in Rose Mythique, Tarte LipSurgence Natural Matte Lip Stain in Envy, Eve Pearl Lip Gloss Combo in Hey Sexy/Hot Mamma, and Beauty for Real Illuminating Lip Gloss in D Light.

Rules and how to enter:

  • This giveaway starts today and ends Sunday, September 5, at midnight.
  • This giveaway is open to readers anywhere in the world, and a winner will be selected at random from the valid entries.
  • To enter, leave a comment on this post. Last night’s Emmys are on my mind, so tell me your favorite red carpet moment. It can be from any awards show, any year. What made it memorable? Hair? Makeup? Dress? You can enter by this method once per day.
  • Want to earn extra entries? Why not! To earn an extra entry, write a review of a any lip product for KarlaSugar-Interact. Leave a comment with a link to your review.
    • Only new reviews (written this week) are valid; previously written reviews are not eligible for extra entries.
  • Winners will be contacted by email, so please use an email address you check (addresses will be hidden, and will not be used for any purpose other than contacting the winner).

Good luck!

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135 Responses to “Perfect Pout Giveaway”

  • valli says:

    My favorite moment was Kyra Segwick’s appearance! It’s nice to see a woman in her 40′s looking so good :)

  • Dina says:

    From the fashion perspective, i adored that famous green-gold Galliano (i think for Dior) dress Nicole Kidman wore at the Oscars back when she was still with Tom Cruise. I love how she looked sexy in a dress so different from everyone else’s prom looking dresses. Not to mention how nicely it fit on her figure. That is my memorable red carpet moment :)

  • Marie says:

    My favorite Red carpet moment was Michelle Williams for the Oscars 2006. She was radiant. Her dress, hair and make-up were sophisticated. And the color of the dress is difficult to pull off, but she made it work. It’s one of my favorite red carpet looks.

  • Julia Arenas says:

    My most recent favorite red carpet moment was from the last Oscars event where Rachel McAdams wore that delightful fairytale of a dress by Elie Saab couture! The hues looked as if they had been watercolor painted onto the dress and the way the dress trailed and flowed behind her on the red carpet was so beautiful. She looked elegant and ethereal.

  • Ann says:

    I don’t follow the red carpet, and I don’t really want to … or to manufacture an answer, so I think I won’t take part in this giveaway.

  • Ann S. says:

    I love watching the red carpet specials to see all the beautiful dresses, but I have to say that my favorite appearance of this year was Michael C. Hall! I’m so glad that he is better after battling cancer, his hair is growing back, and he looked so dapper in his suit! It was so nice to see him looking healthy.

  • aclearcutsign says:

    Halle Berry’s Elie Saab dress at the 2002 Oscars. I thought the dress itself was gorgeous – definitely unexpected at the time.

  • Kate says:

    Pretty much any red carpet appearance by Natalie Portman. Definitely one of my style icons!

  • Tamara Manor says:

    Jimmy Fallon sliding across the floor and falling while using auto tune and saying ‘stop the music’, ‘no this really hurts’, ‘my back’ ‘no I’m serious’

  • ter says:

    I loved Julia Roberts dress when she won her Oscar in 2001. Her vintage Valentino black dress with white accent was so beautiful….front & back!

  • annie says:

    2 words: KYRA.SEGWICK. That woman is stunning. I am 39 and I only hope that I have a smidge of her “happiness” glow. She’s so naturally beautiful.

  • Gail says:

    Just loved Betty White.

  • Beth S. says:

    Mariska Hargitay. I think she is a great example of beauty & elegance. Her hair & makeup looked GREAT!!!!

  • Marina says:

    I loved Jim Parsons with Bazinga the penguin ^ ^ I’m so happy he won!

  • Chrissie says:

    I think Charlize Theron always exudes class and elegance at award shows.

  • Kat says:

    Christina Hendricks last night at the Emmys! I just love her and loved her dress!

  • Leah says:

    I don’t really follow the red carpet but it’s nice to see their look breakdowns.

  • Silvia says:

    I loved yesterday’s Christina Hendricks hair :)

  • Jane says:

    Kathryn Bigelow winning the first Academy Award for a female director, a moment in women’s history more memorable than any dress, although I liked that as well (hers was Yves Saint Laurent).

  • Biba says:

    I like the way Kim Kardashian looked.

  • Jackie says:

    I pretty much love all of Heidi Klum’s red carpet moments!

  • Dayna says:

    How could anyone forget Bjork in the swan costume?!?!

  • Shannon says:

    Lady Gaga at the last award show (was it Golden Globe? can’t remember exactly). She looked crazy and talk about standing out! LOL I wouldn’t say I loved her makeup or anything, but i had to admire her guts at going so totally out of whack. :D

  • onegreatsmile says:

    Sophia Loren in 2009……… dang, I hope I look that good!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lisa says:

    I really liked Lea Michele’s makeup. I think I might have to buy the Nars duo now!

  • Halifax says:

    Your question is tough to answer for those who don’t follow the award show. I personally find it funny for interviewer to comment on a star’s outfit, just to see it end up in worst dress list later

  • Mamavalveeta03 says:

    I think Claire Danes usually gets it sort of wrong (she usually over-emphasizes her long, long waistedness). But last night, she hit it out of the ballpark with her dress, hair and makeup! Way to go, Claire!

  • Fernanda R Andrade says:

    Every year I wait to see Seal and Heidi Klum’s looks. They always go so gorgeous!
    I love the couple.

  • Petra says:

    I never actually watch the awards (don’t live in the US), but I like browsing through the pictures. I usually find Christina Hendricks’s makeup very classy and pretty, and I like Lisa Edelstein’s overall look.

  • Lisa says:

    I really liked Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s interview, despite not watching her show or really liking Seinfeld that much; she was very charming in person, and I think her dress was lovely.

    Hugh Laurie was great as well.

  • tpzhearts says:

    Kim K looked so amazing, her makeup to me looked minimal with some e/l and mascara. Loved it, she really stood out more than anyone for me!

  • lesley says:

    For me, hands down, has to be when Kanye West took the microphone from Taylor Swift at the VMAs. That was… a scene alright.

  • carolina says:

    clooney+canalis!!she won the lottery girls!!however good luck!!

  • regina says:

    I loved Reese Witherspoon at the Oscars in that fabulous little yellow dress a few years ago!

  • Nadine says:

    Bjork in her swan dress. That one has and will continue to go down in history.

  • Ann says:

    Julia Roberts in vintage Valentino.

  • Joe says:

    didn’t watch but my wife did – like to win her stuff

  • Jaime Leah says:

    My favorite was JLo’s iconic dress at the Grammys. My best friend and I dressed up (wore long skirts as tube dresses LOL) did our hair and makeup and watched with my parents. My dads comments about the dress were pretty priceless!

  • Erica says:

    I was completely blown away by Kim Kardashian last night at the Emmys, she looked flawless.

  • Sarah says:

    Julia Roberts in the vintage Valentino from 2001 I was surprised at how great she looked

  • Victoria says:

    I can never remember too far back… but my favorite look at the Emmy’s last night (and dang most of them were pretty horrible!) was Lea Michele. My favorite awards show moment ever was when Adrian Brody kissed Halle Berry :)

  • Brooke says:

    My favorite look was Christina Hendricks. She just looked amazing!!

  • layla says:

    I just loved the Oscar de la Renta dress Cameron Diaz wore for the Oscars this time around. Such a stunning dress! She looked so amazing and beautiful!

  • Isabella says:

    Julia Roberts in vintage Valentino, don’t remember the year.

  • Manon says:

    My favourite red-carpet moment was Bjork in the swan dress at the 2001 oscars. The sensation she coused! Fantastic!

  • aclearcutsign says:

    Sharon Stone and her Gap tee and Valentino skirt outfit at the ’96 Oscars. With all the collaborations nowadays between designers and mass market companies, I wonder if anyone will want to pull off the same style on an Oscars red carpet…

  • Dina says:

    Bjork’s swan dress. Need I say more? lol

  • valentina says:

    Julia Roberts in vintage Valentino! :D

  • Kate says:

    I love Bjork’s swan dress!!

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