Rouge d’Armani: Summer and Fall 2010

This is a bit complicated. Armani’s summer collection was very late to arrive at my counter; fall is on time, but they have product to sell and no testers (with the exception of the new lipsticks).

Summer and fall each introduced three new shades of Rouge d’Armani lipstick, and since the shades seem complimentary to me, I decided to swatch them all together.  (Are you with me so far?)

For swatches of the original Rouge d’Armani release, click here. The spring “pink expansion” swatches are here.
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This past spring, Armani introduced nine new Rouge d’Armani shades, all in the pink family. For summer, they introduced three new browns (a fairly unusual choice for summer). I kind of like the one-color-family-at-a-time line expansion; it works with the Dewey Decimal numbering system Armani has going.

Brown 202 is a red-brown creme (chocolate fox!). Brown 203 is a slightly shimmery warm mocha. Brown 204 is a deeper, more red, slightly shimmery brown.

The fall lipsticks are all cremes, all in the plum family. Plum 604 is a red-purply plum. Plum 603 is bright pink berry (but not quite fuchsia). Plum 602 is mauvey pink.

Rouge d’Armani lipsticks are $30 each, with a long-wearing formula. I didn’t stop to eat, but a shade I tried on did last for at least six hours.

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2 Responses to “Rouge d’Armani: Summer and Fall 2010”

  • Ana Krum says:

    Plum 602 looks LOVELY.

  • I got 604 and I love it! I thought all of the lipstick shades for the Fall release were beautiful though. You can’t beat the magnetic clasp either, such an elegant design feature!

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