Sneak Peek: Butter London Fall/Winter 2010

I’ll admit, I’ve been waiting for Butter London’s fall collection since February. Last February was fall/winter fashion week in NYC, and though I wasn’t there, I was hungrily checking out every tweet and twitpic from the event. One of the pictures that made me gasp was Butter London’s Marrow nail polish, custom blended for the Vena Cava show.
Butter London, Fall 2010, All Hail McQueen, Victoriana, Marrow, Bumster
Well the collection is finally available for sale on Butter London’s website, and fashion is the clear inspiration.

Bumster is an opaque, ochre yellow. The shade is named after really, really low-rise pants introduced by Alexander McQueen in 1996. They were so low-rise that they exposed… yes, you guessed it.

Marrow is a “murky and mysterious purple,” named after the soft tissue at the center of bones (which produces new blood cells!). The folks at Vena Cava named it, as it was mixed just for them — they really like anatomy, don’t they.

All Hail McQueen is a holographic beige, harkening (I think) back to McQueen’s holographic projection of Kate Moss. It’s hard for me to rationally evaluate this shade; I’m still mourning McQueen’s suicide.

Butter London suggests that All Hail McQueen is a textural, “winter version” of Yummy Mummy. I’m curious to know how it compares to Nubar’s Spark.

Victoriana is “a textured, twinkling vintage blue.” (I think it looks more teal, but maybe that’s what makes it vintage.) Butter London’s creative genius Nonie Creme was inspired by corsets and top hats and vintage velvet.

Butter London, Vena Cava, Marrow, NYFWAs photos trickle across the internet, Marrow sort of surprises me. On the left are the pictures I saw during fashion week, tweeted by All Lacquered Up (click the picture to view at full size). It is indeed dark and murky, an almost browned-purple with sparkles in it.

Butter London, MarrowHere’s a picture of for-sale Marrow, as photographed by Karen, of Makeup and Beauty Blog. It’s much brighter, and the sparkles have been converted to a silver pearl.

Was I mislead by a bottle pic, or did the shade morph slightly in production? Which version do you like better?

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7 Responses to “Sneak Peek: Butter London Fall/Winter 2010”

  • I kinda like the brown sparkled Marrow better :/
    But to be honest, the polish that makes me quiver from this set is All Hail McQueen. I saw pics on MUA, but I’d feel sad a little every time I put it on. If anything could cheer me up though, it’d be that beautiful beige holo!

  • Bevi says:

    I just ordered Marrow, waiting for it to arrive. I’m hoping and praying it’s closer to the first pic. The second photo – well, it just looks like a purple polish, doesn’t it? I have 40 bottles of purple polish already, so this one needs to be different! :D Why would they change it though, seems such a silly thing to do. :-/

  • lia says:

    yea, people have been complaining about the difference in shades and the two appear completely different to me… and I was so excited for Marrow when I first heard/saw it! Now it just doesn’t look as unique. Michelle (of ALU) did a comparison with a couple other purples released recently (, and Marrow just does not stand out.

  • bea says:

    I definitely like the dusty purple with brown sparkle better. It makes me sad that they changed it and now it’s so ordinary. I was looking forward to marrow after the ALU post!

  • Nicole says:

    I purchased All Hail McQueen when I saw a swatch online without thinking twice. I love the tribute to McQueen. It’s a lovely taupe with subtle holographic shimmer. (So it’s best viewed in sunlight.) And Butter London had very fast shipping. I was impressed.

  • Martine says:

    I waited ages to get my hands on marrow and I am sooo disapointed. The original was really unique- now it looks like any other darkish purple nail polish.

  • taxi says:

    I craved the original color as shown in ALU bottle shots during fashion week, so I was disappointed when mine arrived with no glitter threads. That said, this is a really good deep purple for me, different than my others.

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