Sneak Peek: Givenchy Blooming

Givenchy, Blooming, fall, 2010, Prisme Visage, Blooming Pinks, Blooming ApricotsSometimes I idly visit and peruse the pages of my favorite brands, just to see if anything’s new. Unhealthy? Possibly. But I’m not the only one, right??

Besides, I am sometimes rewarded with tantalizing new discoveries. Latest and greatest: Givenchy’s fall/winter collection, Blooming. The collection was based on the idea of resistance to winter, the way we cling to summer and fall as the seasons turn. A “blooming” fall collection might seem anachronistic, but I think this is Givenchy’s “rage, rage against the dying of the light,” and honestly, I find the idea romantic.

The shades and the packaging were inspired by Japanese musician, film-maker, and visual artist Takagi Masakatsu. And the results? Simply gorgeous. The only downside is that the limited edition pieces of this collection are sold only through, so there’s no chance to swatch before you buy.

The collections offers two limited edition Le Prisme Visage face powders. Blooming Pinks (#1) is fresh pink for paler complexions; Blooming Apricots (#2) is a light cheerful peach for darker complexions. Givenchy’s face powders are truly outstanding; I’m still in love with my bronzer Island Tan from the summer collection. The Blooming powders are $48.50 each.

Givenchy, Blooming Fuchsias, fall, 2010, Prisme blushThere’s also a limited edition “Blooming” blush, a combination of reds and bright pinks, like a burst of flowers. Blooming Fuchsias is also $48.50.

There are two new lipsticks, Rouge Interdit Blooming Peach (“soft pink with hints of orange, giving the wearer luscious, nourished lips as if you have just eaten some fruit bursting with sunshine”) and Rouge Interdit Shine Blooming Apricot (“delicate orangey-pink, shimmering with golden pearlescent particles”). Both are limited edition, both are $28, and as you might have guessed, Shine is the sheerer, glossier formula.

There are also two limited edition lipglosses, Gloss Interdit Blooming Coral ($25.50, glossy, strong, vivid pink), and Pop Gloss Crystal Blooming Lilac ($24.50, soft pink sprinkled with white pearlescent particles).

What’s not limited edition? The new Le Prisme Eye Quads, $56 each. There are six color options (and I wonder if these are meant to replace the Prisme Again! Eyeshadow Quartets, as those are almost all out of stock on Sephora’s site).
Givenchy, Le Prisme, eyeshadow, quads, Blooming
Givenchy, Le Prisme, eyeshadow, guideGivenchy has also provided one option for using these quads. I think “unifier” means lid color/base color, the shade that you blend everything else into. Which would make “shadow” the crease color.

There’s also Givenchy’s latest “Mister,” Mister Lash Booster fortifying serum for lashes ($30).

Mister Lash Booster is an eyelash primer that nourishes and strengthens lashes. It can be used under mascara (obviously), or alone at night to promote denser, stronger, prettier lashes. It’s got a crazy applicator; it looks sort of like Dior’s Serum de Rouge lipstick, but instead of lipstick, the tip has tiny little soft rubber nubs. You click the pen to dispense a drop of the lash primer, then use the brush to massage the base of your lashes and comb through (think of it as a Mason Pearson brush for your lashes).

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  • Laura says:

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one who does that! LOL :)

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