Armani Sneak Peek

So what’s coming up from Armani? I’m so glad you asked!

First of all, in October we’ll see a significant expansion to the Rouge d’Armani line of lipsticks. The collection is called Uptown Mauves, and the new shades are supposed to be more sheer than the shades that have been released so far. The new shades will also have a slightly pearlized finish. Beige 101 is being repromoted with the collection, because it apparently already has that pearlized finish (though not the sheerness). The new shades are:

  • Beige 105
  • Beige 106
  • Pink 515
  • Pink 516
  • Plum 605
  • Plum 606
  • Plum 607

Then there will be a new Eyes to Kill “Excess” Mascara. It’s supposed to deliver instant volume and separation with intensely black pigment. The new brush is said to deliver results in fewer strokes. It sounds thrilling.

Armani, holiday, 2010And then holiday! The centerpiece of the collection (whose description fills me with makeup-lust) is the Platinum Palette Sheer Shimmer Powder in Universal Beige. Holidays = highlighters, but this one sounds so sumptuous, and I know (coming from Armani) that it will be finely milled and spectacular.

There are also four new holiday Rouge d’Armani shades: Coral Red, Fuchsia, Tibetan Orange, and Gold Platinum (sounds like that last one is a topcoat-type shade — a concept we’ve seen from Armani in years past).

There will be four new Eyes to Kill shadows (though I’m not sure what to expect from these. Are they bullseye compacts? Or something different?).

Armani, Lip Inks, Effetto NudoAnd finally, I believe there’s going to be a new lip product. The details are still shrouded in mystery, but I think they’re going to be called Effetto Nudo (or Lip Inks). They’re said to be a “tinted lip canvas,” available in four colors: Black Purple, Lavish Red, Sharp Pink, and Nude Rose. I wonder if that means they’re stains… or liquid lipsticks? Anyway, I can’t wait to learn more. (And of course, I’ll pass along new information as soon as it becomes available.)

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3 Responses to “Armani Sneak Peek”

  • I had a play with Lavish Red in the flesh. They seem to be out with the Autumn collection here but they only have no.2 at the moment. I think they are called Lip Inks, that’s how they’ve been referred to on the Selfridges website but I also had a press release which called they Lip Skins.

    The texture is strange. It feels very silky on the skin. It’s a little more viscous than liquid but I would call it a stain rather than a liquid lipstick.

    The colour is really long lasting, well it is on skin anyway! It took forever to fade. Lavish Red is a sort of orange, tomato red. I’m particularly looking forward to a closer look at Black Purple. :)

  • eva says:

    I wonter: Armani Gold Rush Highlighter
    ter, and Armani the Platinum Palette Sheer Shimmer Powder in Universal Beige………….Is the same think or tow different? IF someone knows let me know.

  • KarlaSugar says:

    Same product. Sometimes a sneak peek isn’t final information — in this case it sounds like they decided to change the name.

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