Guest Swatcher: Chanel Soho Collection

Chanel’s limited edition Soho collection (celebrating the reopening of their Soho boutique) is pretty exclusive, available only online and in their Soho store. So I feel incredibly lucky to be able to share with you these guest swatches and first thoughts from Estelle (HusbandStillWontBeHappy). Estelle is NW20ish in MAC’s foundation system; she’s pale and cool-toned.
Chanel, Soho, swatches, Soho de Chanel, face powder, blush, Stupendous, eyeshadow quad, Stunning, Rouge Coco, Stunt, Rouge Allure Laque, Star, Glossimer, Steel, Strong

I’m pale enough that the Soho de Chanel powder can be built up to a really pretty bronzey-pink blush. I also tried it as a highlighter over Chanel’s Rose Dust blush, and liked it that way, too. It’s pretty and subtle, but not a must-have unless you’re a collector of Chanel. I’ll probably use it more in spring and summer when I’m doing more bronzey looks (if I haven’t swapped it away by then). The powder was swatched over Urban Decay’s Primer Potion, and it is $65.

Chanel, Soho de Chanel, powder, blush, swatches

I was kind of disappointed by Stupendous eyeshadow quad. I took pictures in sunlight, and indoors with a flash. The sunlight shows the shimmery depth of the three palest shadows — very pretty though it doesn’t entirely translate to the eye. On me it applied VERY cool-toned. The pigmentation and texture were average for Chanel quads, definitely NOT sublime like Kaska Beige. The silver shade was my favorite.

The eyeshadows were also swatched over Urban Decay’s Primer Potion, and the quad is $56

Chanel, Soho, Stupendous, eyeshadow quad, swatches
Chanel, Soho, Stupendous, eyeshadow quad, swatches

Star Glossimer ($27) is super shimmery (not quite frosty), sheer, cool-toned pale pink. I like pigmented glosses, so this one definitely didn’t ring my bell. However, over the other lip products, it does add TONS of shine.

This was my first time trying a Rouge Allure Laque — hello, creamy pigmentation (slightly too creamy, actually). Stunt is a very pretty, slightly-plum mauve. It has no shimmer, and did I mention the creaminess? It was a bit dark for my tastes, so I lightened it up with Star glossimer on top liked that better. I don’t think this one is a keeper for me. Rouge Allure Laques are $32.

Based on the rather dark promo pictures of Stunning Rouge Coco lipstick, I almost didn’t order it — but BOY am I glad I did! It’s my surprise favorite item of the whole collection, a PERFECT beige-pink lipstick with subtle shimmer (it swatched peachier than it looks on my lips; it really is a perfect beige-pink).

I don’t really care for any Chanel lipstick formulation (not even the new Cocos; I find them all drying) but this one seems a little better, especially after I topped it with Star Glossimer. My benchmark for lipstick perfection are Cle De Peau’s Extra Silky Lipsticks, and nothing compares to those in terms of pigmentation and softness (for me).

Anyway, Stunning had terrific staying power. I tried it yesterday evening and then ate dinner (pizza and salad with oil-based dressing) and was surprised to see traces of Stunning still on my lips about four hours later. And even though it has shimmer, it doesn’t leave sparkle behind as it wears off (I HATE that!). Now, if Cle de Peau would release an Extra Silky in THIS EXACT COLOR, I would be the happiest woman on earth. I may even buy a backup of Stunning.

Chanel, Soho, swatches, Glossimer, Star, Rouge Coco, Stunning, Rouge Allure Laque, Stunt

As for the polishes, Strong was rather disappointing and dull, compared to how it looks in the bottle. It’s basically black in most lighting. When I swatched it on-nail, I had to compare it to another limited edition Chanel polish: Feu de Russie (FdR is on my middle finger). In my mind, Feu de Russie is the more interesting shade.

I didn’t expect to like Steel better than Strong, but I did. It’s a gorgeous dark grey shimmer, that looks dark grey (not black) in all lighting. And in sun (or with flash) — wow!

I swatched the polishes with no base coat and no topcoat. Each polish is $23.

Chanel, Soho, Strong, Steel
Chanel, Soho, Strong, Steel, swatches
Chanel, swatches, nail polish, Strong, Feu de Russie
Chanel, nail polish, Soho, swatches, Strong, Feu de Russie
Chanel, Soho, nail polish, swatches, Steel
Chanel, Soho, swatches, nail polish, Steel

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11 Responses to “Guest Swatcher: Chanel Soho Collection”

  • Winthrop44 says:

    Thanks for the great swatches Estelle and Karla. I got the quad, Stunning and Steel and (not surprisingly, as we often agree) I completely agree with Estelle’s takes on all 3.

  • Eileenw says:

    Thank you for the very comprehensive post. The swatches are great! I can see that although beautiful in concept, it really isn’t going to work for me :-( I’ll be actually trying it out when I go to a Chanel event this weekend, but for now, my wallet is probably safe. I think I’ll be holding out for the Holiday collection which is more suited to my coloring.

  • Sarah says:

    Thank you!

  • Cristina says:

    Thank you so much Karla and Estelle! I’m so glad you compared Feu de Russie to Strong as I have FDR and I’ve been debating on Strong but I guess I don’t need it since FDR is really prettier and more complex. Steel on the other hand is a must have for me! Btw…your nails are amazing:)

  • LU says:

    Ah. :)
    I feel so much better about not getting the highlighter! Its so pretty to look at it, but I don’t see myself using it often.

  • Evelyn says:

    Thank goodness for swatches! My friend’s and my wallet thank you for showing us this collection up close. :) They are safely tucked away waiting for a better collection.

  • saku says:

    The quad and lipstick looks good.

  • Dia says:

    So glad to see these swatches! Thanks for sharing them, Karla and Estelle!

  • Ann says:

    Hi Karla,
    Sorry to ask on an unrelated post … but do you have any plans to swatch the new Laura Mercier foundation, Créme Smooth? I am dying to see swatches of this, and as far as I can find, *no* bloggers have swatched it yet!
    LM brings out a new foundation once in a blue moon, so it’s actually a pretty big release for a very popular brand. Plus, LM is renowned for the quality of their face-makeup!

    Sorry again for asking on a post that’s not related to the question!

  • Estelle says:

    I feel compelled to update this post a bit – I used the Soho highlighter yesterday over my blush (NARS Douceur, I believe – a matte, “not-there” color) and later caught a glimpse of my cheeks in the sunlight and the shimmer from the Chanel highlighter was absolutely GORGEOUS – so fine, so smooth, so glowy. Perfection.

    Sorry, but I think I may have been wrong – this lovely powder may be a must-have even if you’re not a Chanel collector!

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