MAC Venomous Villains: Evil Queen (Snow White)

MAC, Venomous VillainsI had grand swatching plans for this weekend… but they all went out the window when I found Venomous Villains testers had arrived early at my counter. (Don’t worry, folks! The other stuff will still get swatched!)

Venomous Villains releases September 30 in North America, and the collection is broken into four parts. Today I have swatches from Snow White’s Evil Queen. The prices on this collection are a little higher than usual — I think that’s because there are licensing fees associated with the Disney characters on the packaging, not a systemwide price hike.

These two sets of swatches are identical, except that I swatched the blush and beauty powder first lightly, then heavily.
MAC, Venomous Villains, Evil Queen, Snow White, swatches, Oh So Fair, Bite of an Apple, Her Alter Image, Vile Violet, Vainglorious, Sinister, Toxic Tale, Strange Potion, Hot House, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Oh So Fair beauty powder is $25, and will probably work as a buildable blush on fair skintones. Bite of an Apple is $19.50, a matte, beautiful watermelon/guava color.

The eyeshadows and lip products are all $15.50. Her Alter Image is an icy lilac, but I really had to build the color up. Vile Violet is a matte, muted blue-purple, but it felt dry and chalky. Vainglorious is like metal burgundy.

Sinister is a lustre, and it is quite sheer. This brown-burgundy swatch is the built-up color. Toxic Tale is screamingly bright coral. Strange Potion lipglass is more of a pinky coral; Hot House is a sparkly berry.

The Evil Queen’s collection also includes the repromoted Penultimate Brow Marker ($16.50), which I LOVE.
MAC, Venomous Villains, Evil Queen, Snow White, swatches, Oh So Fair, Bite of an Apple, Her Alter Image, Vile Violet, Vainglorious, Sinister, Toxic Tale, Strange Potion, Hot House, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
As I was swatching, this lovely lady says to me, “Do you write a blog?” I said yes. She said, “Is it KarlaSugar?”

In that moment, all I could think was how hot and sweaty and windblown and makeup-less and generally awful I looked, and I was unable to make conversation like a normal person. But I thought, “I am being really rude,” and I managed to pull it together. I asked her if she would mind taking a guest photo with me — she graciously agreed!

Danni is NC45, and we decided to swatch the blushes so as to represent actual on-cheek application. Sinister is again a built-up swatch.
MAC, Venomous Villains, Evil Queen, Snow White, swatches, NC45, Oh So Fair, Bite of an Apple, Her Alter Image, Vile Violet, Vainglorious, Sinister, Toxic Tale, Strange Potion, Hot House

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21 Responses to “MAC Venomous Villains: Evil Queen (Snow White)”

  • Jen says:

    LOVE it! I love your swatches, b/c I’m the same shade of pale! :)

  • lia says:

    interesting to see how the same Oh So Fair beauty powder looks on two different skin tones – looks like a gorgeous light pink on you, Karla, but looks more white/pale/unnatural on Danni’s darker skin… which happens all the time to me (NC42)

  • oxanne says:

    Thanks for your swatches, I’m always watching your blog, and I like to thank you for what you’re doing, take care

  • Danni says:

    You’re right, Oxanne. Oh So Fair does looks ashen on NC45 skin to me, as well.

    Anyway, it was definitely a pleasure meeting you, Karla! Keep up the amazing work!

  • panties says:

    lmao i would have been in serious shock if something like that happened to me.

    On a similar note, an old acquaintance found me at my job and addressed me as panties. Needless to say, one of my coworkers glared and i shrugged LOL!! I laugh at the interaction now…

    Im sure you look fine Karla, mu or no mu :)

  • Donna says:

    Thanks for the swatches! Does the ‘Oh So Fair’ beauty powder have a bit of shimmer to it?

  • LU says:

    I actually attributed the price increases to MAC’s annual price increase around September.

  • blushingyal says:

    I’m so devastated about Bite Of An Apple! I expected to be a beautiful bright colour, but it looks so dull, and Im NC50 so I can’t picture how it would look on me *bawling* Thanks for the swatches ladies:-) *still bawling*

  • KarlaSugar says:

    LU — I think prices are a little higher for this collection. Prices did just go up, but not by this much. Lipsticks and glosses came up to $14.50 to match the eyeshadows (which had to happen eventually, since all three items = 6 empties for Back to MAC). Potted blush is still $18.50, not $19.50.

  • KellyK says:

    Bite of an apple, strange potion, truth and light and a few other others are on my MUST HAVE list!

  • Julia says:

    i’m so excited for this collection! please post the rest of the swatches soon!

  • Tiffany says:

    Bite of an Apple made my jaw drop. Wow. I NEED that one.

  • I’ll be getting Vile Violet, Vainglorious, and Hot House from this collection.

  • I’m so excited to hear the penultimate brow is being repromo’d for this collection- I too loved it, and think it needs to be permanent! I hope the fact that it’s a repromote doesn’t mean we can’t get pro discount on it- that would be sketchy!

  • Patricia says:

    Does Bite of an Apple look similar to any other MAC blushes?

  • lexi says:

    Thanks for that guest swatch – I’m NC42 so it’s great to see it swatched on someone that’s close to my color for accuracy. I wish that ‘Bite of an Apple’ would look as good on me as it does on your forearm hahahaha

  • SnowWhite817 says:

    My first visit to your site. The “swatches” idea is so helpful! I Love it! What an awesome concept. Thank you.

  • Roxie says:

    Thank you so much for the NC45 swatches!!
    It really makes my NC45 life easier :)

  • Angela VanNostrand says:

    Although I’ve never taken part in one (yet) I feel the walk-a-thons are really the best ways to donate to breast cancer. I also enjoy the silent auctions, when vendors donate goods and the procedes from the auctions go to Breast Cancer reserach.

  • Elveenah says:

    I am so impressed w all the work you put into this site. Making swatches for all these collections is very meticulous! I actually purchased Bite of an Apple after seeing it here. It joins, Vainglorious eyeshadow, Darkly, my Dear blush, Oh So Fair BP, Sinister and Dark Deed lipsticks! I can’t get enough!!

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