MAC Venomous Villains: Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty)

MAC, Maleficent, Mineralize Eyeshadow Duos, MES, She Who Dares, My Dark MagicWhen MAC creates a multi-part collection, each section usually includes a similar offering with a different color story. Venomous Villains is unusual in that each “villain” has her own unique products.

Maleficent was the evil fairy in Sleeping Beauty, and her collection seems to be a 70-30 split between evil and good. I mean, for a collection about the villain, it does seem to have a lot of Princess Aurora in it, don’t you think?

Briar Rose is a beauty powder ($25), but many will be able to use it as a blush. I swatched it first lightly, then again at “full volume.”

Dark Deed lipstick is red wine, apple-burgundy crimson, and a pretty dead-on match for the cartoon figure’s lipcolor. It’s an Amplified formula, meaning full coverage and a creme finish. Violetta is a repromote of a permanent color, but if you buy it with the collection, your tube will have the mistress of all evil on it.

Wrong Spell is a really dark, slightly browned plum with lots of tiny sparkles in it. It’s very pigmented, and I don’t think it’s going to work for everyone. Revenge is Sweet, by contrast, is rather sheer, with a jelly finish. All four lip products are $15.50.
MAC, Venomous Villains, Maleficent, Sleeping Beauty, swatches, Briar Rose, Dark Deed, Violetta, Wrong Spell, Revenge is Sweet, Bad Fairy, Mean and Green, Formidable!, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Maleficent also offers three nail polishes ($13 each). Bad Fairy is magenta pink. Mean & Green is a mossy green base with pink-purple sparkle. Formidable! is Club in nail polish form. It’s a dark brown base with blue sparkle. All three of these polishes need three coats for full coverage (or you could always paint them over black). I do think they’re all more fantastic than they look in this too-close-to-the-wrist tape swatch.
MAC, Venomous Villains, Maleficent, Sleeping Beauty, swatches, Briar Rose, She Who Dares, My Dark Magic, mineralize eyeshadow, MES, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Perhaps the most thrilling part of Maleficent’s collection is her pair of Mineralize Eyeshadow duos. In the pan, these shadows have the same “crescent moon” appearance as last holiday’s Magic, Mirth & Mischief mineralize eyshadow duos, but they are not the same. The MMM duos had a larger “shadow” side and a smaller “glitter” side, and the shadow halves were smooth and pigmented enough to deliver full color without a base.

Maleficent’s MES duos are more like the old mineralize eyeshadows. Without some kind of base or fixing agent, they don’t pack much of a punch. But swatched over moisturizer — WOW!

Now obviously you’re not going to put Dior Hydraction on your eyelids. You could use them over a base, or you could use them wet (wetting them with water, Fix +, or some other kind of eyeshadow intensifier like DuWop’s Payoff). Just make sure you wet your brush, NOT the shadow directly.

The duos are $21 each, but don’t you think She Who Dares is going to sell out quick?

Also here is a second, heavy swatch of Briar Rose. You can see it’s pink with really no peachiness to it.

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14 Responses to “MAC Venomous Villains: Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty)”

  • Amber says:

    LOVE IT!!!! I really want Dark deed :) beautiful.

  • Phyrra says:

    I really like your swatch of She Who Dares.
    I wonder how it would look over Pixie Epoxy.

  • FAB idea for inspiration from MAC! Scary witch woman though ;-)

  • Leticia says:

    Wow, I may need to buy My Dark Magic!

    Cosmetics Aficionado

  • clementine says:

    I was thinking about getting She Who Dares, but then I realized that it looks identical to TF Moon Beam and Deep Space, which I already have…

  • Leslie :) says:

    I wanted to not love these because they are gonna be impossible to find with all the MAC/Disney collectors out there who have more money than I do lol
    She Who Dares and My Dark Magic foiled are simply gorgeous….as are the nail polishes. They are just FUN

  • I love this collection! I’m getting Violetta, both MES, Bad Fairy, and Mean & Green.

  • Ada says:

    I want both of those MES but I think I won’t ever really use them. Too glittery.

  • Kathy says:

    Definitely my favorite of the launch!

    I must have the Bad Fairy and both eyeshadows!

  • Anna says:

    i love the MES… i just would never wear them! to bad..

  • nikole says:

    i ike revege is sweet

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