Talika Giveaways for New Yorkers and Designers

I have two pieces of vital Talika news to share with you.

The first is for my New Yorkers. Talika doing an event all day tomorrow (Thursday, September 23) all over the city. Street artists will be in different locations at various times, and if you’re one of the first five people on the scene with the secret password, you’ll get a goodie bag chock full of Talika products. Even if you’re not one of the first five, there will be cigarette girls in Talika-blue handing out samples. For the exact locations and the secret passwords, follow Talika on Twitter (@TalikaCosmetics) or Facebook (facebook.com/TalikaBeauty), but here’s the general schedule:

9 am – The Today Show/Rockefeller Center
10:30 am – Times Square
11:30 am – Columbus Circle
1 pm – Union Square
2 pm – Washington Square
4 pm – The Apple Store (5th Ave)
6:30 pm – The Meatpacking District

Now before you start grumbling about every event happening in NYC (which is true), let me tell you about the larger contest.

Talika is sponsoring a design competition to create the packaging of an upcoming gift set. The winner of the “I Care for Talika” contest will receive a 2-night trip for two to Paris (ooh la la) for a Talika spa treatment and a meeting with their creative team.

The contest is open through October 30, and to enter you must create a piece of visual art that represents Talika. You don’t have to be an artist or a graphic designer, but make sure your image is creative, illustrates the Talika brand, is marketable, and respects Talika’s brand colors. Then post an image to facebook.com/TalikaBeauty

Good luck!

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