Talika Lipocils Expert Giveaway

There’s been an explosion of lash enhancing products on the market, and this week’s prize is Talika Lipocils Expert ($55).

Talika has been an eye brand since 1948. Their first product was a salve for burn victims… which reportedly had the side effect of regrowing eyelashes. That original formula is the basis of all of Talika’s “regrowth” products.

Lipocils Expert promises to lengthen your lashes by up to 36%, darken them up to 50%, and curl them by up to 50% (how does one measure a percentage increase in curl?).

The applicator is a mascara spoolie topped by a doe’s foot wand (so you can apply the formula at the base of your lashes, and comb through to condition them. The product should be applied twice a day for at least 28 days.

Rules and how to enter:

  • This giveaway starts today and ends Sunday, September 26, at midnight.
  • This giveaway is open to readers anywhere in the world.
  • A winner will be selected at random from the valid entries.
  • To enter, leave a comment on this post. Tell me: Have you tried any of the lash enhancers on the market? Did they work for you? If you haven’t tried any of them yet, which (ones?) do you most want to try? You can enter by this method once per day.
  • Winners will be contacted by email, so please use an email address you check (addresses will be hidden, and will not be used for any purpose other than contacting the winner).

Good luck!

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119 Responses to “Talika Lipocils Expert Giveaway”

  • Shannon says:

    the only lash enhancing thing I tried was actually Castor Oil bought from my local d/s. I think it really did help with making my lashes longer and stronger, and def helped with regrowing my eyebrows! but i hate the stickiness and since i have bangs, difficult to keep on my brows. and i keep accidentally getting it a bit into my eyes so…yeah, too lazy basically. but it did work!

  • Isabella says:

    Never tried, only avocado and castor oil, castor oil being a little bit sticky, and if it gets into my eyes they puff up and kind of hurt.

  • jenn says:

    I haven’t tried any besides putting some oil on my lashes as a conditioner… I’d love to try Latisse but I’m nervous…

  • dina says:

    my mom tried the dermaglow lash enhancer. she said it didnt work. i thought that would be the case.

  • Kim says:

    Ive only tried Vitamin E oil. Id like to try any of the new growth products but cant put down $100 for lash growth (-: Ive seen some amazing results on others with Latisse.

  • Victoria says:

    I used castor oil for one month and then for some reason stopped. After that month, my lashes were thicker and I had more lashes. My lashes were longer as well, though it was not extremely dramatic. I should probably start using it again!

  • Anne Taylor says:

    Very curious about these products but haven’t had the chance to use any yet!


    nancyrobster at gmail dot com

  • Jess says:

    I would love to try RapidLash too.

  • Ann says:

    not yet, but I’d like to!

  • anna says:

    I;ve tried Vitamin E oil, known for its growth properties. It did make my eyelashes thicker but not longer- I would love, love love, to try taliks!

  • Kitty says:

    I haven’t tried any lash enhancers yet, so I would love to try this!

  • Cindi says:

    Lash Relonge works okay…
    Many thanks, Cindi

  • Anne Taylor says:

    I’ve not ever tried these products but I would love too!


    nancyrobster at gmail dot com

  • i would really love to try talika, ardell didn’t quite work on me…

  • freewing78 says:

    i tried the dhc one,i think it works a little bit?(becuase im too lazy to use it everyday…) but i do want to try RapidLash

  • lb says:

    not yet, but been wanting to try one of these lash products!

  • Liz says:

    I have only tried one lash enhancer: Smartlash by IQ Derma. It didn’t seem to do much for me. :-(

  • Cindi says:

    I have also tried the MD Lash Factor product without much success!
    Thank you!

  • Jennifer says:

    Ive tried both the MD and the Revitalash conditioners both were awesome

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