Tips from a Makeup Artist: Tom Pecheux

I learned several things from following Tom Pecheux around at fashion week, and I thought they were valuable enough to deserve their own post (rather than a mention in one of the designer recaps).

First, Tom said, of course it’s hard to get your eyeliner to look the same on both eyes. Almost no one has identical, symmetrical eyes, so you actually have to make your eyeliner a little different to compensate for that asymmetry. A lightbulb went off for me; this man is a genius.

He said not to be afraid of mistakes. If your eyeliner application isn’t perfect, just take a q-tip and smudge it more — then it’s even sexier. (The only thing you can’t fake, according to Tom, is red lipstick.)

Finally, he emphasized the importance of stepping back from the mirror. This is a makeup tip you’ve heard before, but it’s one I really believe in. Up close we all have dark circles and terrible pores, but when we look at ourselves as others see us (from at least a foot away), those problems disappear. Tom says he hates to do a model’s makeup without a mirror. He’ll work, then check the overall effect by looking at the model in the mirror. I never realized why artists work in front of mirrors (I thought it was so the “canvases” could see what they were doing), but I was thrilled by his explanation.

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11 Responses to “Tips from a Makeup Artist: Tom Pecheux”

  • Anna says:

    These tips makes me really happy cause I hate to sit close to my make-up mirror while Im doing my make-up. I hate seeing my dark circles and large pores.
    I also always find it hard to make one eye as good as the other..
    The thing with us humans (especially women) is that we always see the things that we may think is a minus with ourselves.. NO ONE else sees these things as flaws but ourselves.. :)

    take care hun

  • clementine says:

    Oh, yes… Those magnifying mirrors are the absolute worst! XD There’s always something wrong when you look in them.

  • Natasja says:

    This is awesome! I always adapt the liner on my eyes, one has more lid space than the other.

    But the step away from the mirror.. I really should do that more often. We are way to negative about ourselfs!

  • jessyclaire says:

    This is brilliant in it’s simplicity — definitely need to start paying attention to him more.

  • Estelle says:

    oooo, super tips! LOVED this entry from you, Karla! Thanks!

  • Julia Arenas says:

    Love the simple stepping back tip…I also remember the lovely Lisa Eldridge saying this, it really helps a lot

  • JoElla says:

    I love this tip! Seems so simple but a great reminder.

  • Niharika says:

    love your taste and reviews!!


  • Jesper says:

    What a wonderful experience- how did you get in contact with him, to follow him around?
    I would love to email him.

  • KarlaSugar says:

    Jesper – I had the opportunity at New York Fashion Week last September.

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