Tips from a Makeup Artist: Undereye Concealer

Two of my favorite makeup artists: Yvonne Tyree-Bradford and Rhona Samuels

I had the very great pleasure of seeing Armani’s Rhona Samuels in action this past weekend. I truly love watching her work, because she leaves everyone looking gorgeous, and I always learn something new.

After watching a few of Rhona’s “average” miracles (brows, eyeshadow), I saw her perform an undereye concealer trick I’d never seen before — and the results were fantastic.

Armani, Concealer, CorrectorShe first applied Armani’s Color Corrector 1 (a brightening, light pink color) under the inner half of the eye. Then she applied concealer to the outer half. She put a little Crema Nera Eye Cream on the back of her hand, dabbed her concealer brush in it, then blended the concealer and corrector with the eye cream. The results were magical. The coverage looked so natural, the dark circles were so nicely erased — I was really impressed. It was one of those “instant lift” tricks that I’m now dying to try myself.

Armani, concealer, correctorRhona said that the Crema Nera Eye contains caffeine to tighten and buckwheat to reduce puffiness and fine lines, so you’re getting treatment in with your concealing.

I took an “after” picture of Rhona’s gracious model, but with the weird lighting in Armani’s little boutique in Neiman Marcus, I don’t think you get the full effect at all. Until I can take another, clearer picture, trust me that it looked amazing.

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7 Responses to “Tips from a Makeup Artist: Undereye Concealer”

  • Donna says:

    Ooooh… I’m intrigued!!!!

  • panties says:

    yea, their correctors are pretty amazing. i use mine sparingly because it’s so expensive, but it’s definitely worth it.

    i use the downward triangle motion and it does the trick for me, but i would LOVE to know how she did it in terms of brush strokes.

  • KarlaSugar says:

    The concealer brush with the eye cream on it? If I remember correctly, she covered the undereye area in maybe two long strokes, then used shorter strokes to blend (always moving the brush from inner corner to outer). I’d love to watch her do it again.

  • Lucisek says:

    That souns like a great trick, I’m gonna try it!

  • Ziuta says:

    wow! I use blended light mat pink pencil (and not the fashionable white) in the inner corner when I go for the natural look – it’s reassuring to know that professionals using the same colour :)

  • Joslynn says:

    WHat concealer did she use?

  • KarlaSugar says:

    Armani only makes one concealer; it’s called High Precision Retouch. The woman in the photo above wore shade 3.5, if I remember correctly?

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